TypeEarn, an application that rewards users for improving typing skills, has announced its tentative launch date of September 25th, 2020. TypeEarn incentivizes users to practice typing through the gamification of typing as “mining” to produce token rewards.

Once launched, TypeEarn intends to offer its services to more than 20 schools with which partnerships have already been established. In prior Neo News Today coverage, TypeEarn founder, Mikes Tykee, noted the plans to collaborate with schools once the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions began to ease.

The initial TypeEarn platform will feature typing skill training upon launch, with mining functionality to follow in later release. While a definitive date for mining gamification has not been announced, the team has reported its refining of a quadratic-like formula for the TypeEarn token (TPN) mining rewards.

Early Round of Fundraising

To prepare for development and marketing costs associated with its launch, TypeEarn is conducting a small fundraising round to raise US $5,000. In a conversation with Neo News Today, Tykee noted the funding will be earmarked to prepare documentation and technical support necessary for initial exchange offering (IEO) listings.

Tykee also stated that early contributors to the project will receive NEP-5 TPN tokens at US $0.07 per TPN – a 30% differential from the anticipated cost of US $0.10 per TPN upon the IEO.

The contributions to the early round of fundraising will not be conducted via smart contracts or a dedicated fundraising platform for startups. Instead, participants must send funds manually to a given wallet addresses and fill out a form with contact information, the cryptocurrency used for the contribution, the transaction hash, amount donated, and transaction date.

TypeEarn is accepting NEO, BTC, ETH, TRX, STEEM, and HIVE for this round of contributions.

The TPN is expected to be distributed to early-funders following the project’s IEO, which is anticipated to occur at an unspecified date in Q4 2020.

About TypeEarn

TypeEarn was established in the Summer of 2019 to help individuals track and improve their typing speeds. In May 2020, the project announced its plans to migrate to Neo from the Steem blockchain due to Neo’s network stability and simple wallet creation process.

Central to TypeEarn will be the TPN token, which will be used to access services and reward users for participating on the platform. Staking TPN tokens will also influence how much the user will be rewarded for their efforts and how often rewards can be claimed.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: