Yezcoin recently made several announcements, including the launch of its Android wallet app, updates to its web wallet, and its upcoming Shop for YEZ Program. Yezcoin is seeking to build an exchange that is a “hybrid of a speedy centralized and a securely decentralized models.” Additionally, Yezcoin aims to establish a “cryptocurrency exchange alliance” to offer high liquidity and a larger pool of customers.

Yezcoin CEO, Mongkol Thitithamasak, believes Yezcoin’s and NEO’s philosophy intertwine as they seek to ”create a safe environment inside of the smart economy – with ID Verification and ID Management – so that bad actors can be identified and their roles are limited.”

In a recent conversation with NEO News Today, Thitithamasak described the latest updates with Yezcoin.

Android and Web Wallet

The Yezcoin Android and web wallets offers support for NEO, GAS, and NEP-5 tokens. With both versions of the wallet, users can sign in using OAuth with a Gmail or Facebook account for authentication.

The Android version offers users the ability to scan QR codes for sending NEO, GAS, or other NEP-5 assets.

In the web version, developers fixed a handful of bugs. First, users are now redirected to the login page when their session has expired. Second, the hash transactions now link to a NEO blockchain explorer for further transaction details. Lastly, when accessing a web wallet from a mobile device, users can now hide or show their history.

Shop for YEZ Program

To increase community awareness for the Yezcoin project, the project will launch its Shop for YEZ Program on September 1st. The program is an effort to expand Yezcoin’s impact on local communities by partnering with merchants, and rewarding KYC-verified users for shopping locally.  One example is a partnership with Udom Thai in New York, which now allows customers to pay with YEZ.

The Shop for YEZ Program involves participants submitting photos of receipts from recent purchases through a Google Form. The form requires the user to fill out their e-mail address, information about the merchant, and YEZ wallet address.

Qualified participants are eligible to receive 5% back from shopping at local businesses. Examples include restaurants, bakeries, gas stations, gyms, spas, hotels, salons and nails, groceries, dry cleaners, doctor’s office, hotels, and so on. However, Yezcoin only allows users to submit one receipt per merchant. Business do not have to be partnered with Yezcoin for purchases to be eligible.

Payouts will be denominated in USD and distributed in YEZ at a rate of US $0.20 per 1 YEZ token. The reward cap is 200 YEZ per participant.

The Shop for YEZ Program submission form can be found at the link below:

Airdrop Campaign

Lastly, Yezcoin is conducting an ongoing airdrop campaign, which was launched in April 2019.

By participating, users are eligible to receive the following tokens:

  • 50 YEZ for opening a YEZ Wallet
  • 150 YEZ for providing know your customer (KYC) info
  • 50 YEZ for completing social media tasks

Additionally, individuals can earn 10 YEZ for referring new users who complete the airdrop campaign.

More information about the airdrop campaign can be found at the link below: