NEO hosted a meetup in Berlin, Germany, where Da Hongfei delivered a presentation and was joined by Longfei Wang and John Wang afterward for a panel discussion.

NEO announced a partnership with Japanese mobile game company, gumi, to provide entry support for NEO with varied services, including marketing support. NEO is one of many blockchain projects gumi has partnered with to realize a next-gen internet.

NEO Global Development (NGD) hosted its fifth English-based NEO LIVE with two guests: ZelCore and Blockchain Cuties. ZelCore’s founder and CEO, Miles Manley, and CSO, Daniel Keller, participated in the AMA, discussing the multi-asset wallet, security features of the ZelCore Wallet, potential NEO-based dApp integration, and more. Following ZelCore, Blockchain Cuties CEO, Vladimir Tomko, participated in the second half of the NEO LIVE. He discussed reasons Blockchain Cuties chose to build on NEO, integration with the O3 wallet, the team’s art design process, and more. NGD also hosted it’s tenth Chinese-based NEO LIVE, featuring Rudy Rong from MagicCube, who spoke on the topic of “decentralized trading and game tokens.”

Da Hongfei participated in a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) hosted on the Infinito YouTube channel. Infinito is a gateway for access to the blockchain world, and it offers a universal wallet, multi-blockchain app store, payment platform, and developer tools to build applications. Infinito announced a partnership, where Infinito will aim to provide more support for blockchain developers, dApps, blockchain services on the NEO platform.

Da Hongfei was interviewed by CryptoMonday on NEO’s recent visit to Berlin, Germany for the NEO Berlin meetup. The pair discussed NEO’s history, NEO3’s vision and roadmap, decentralization within the blockchain industry, and more.

NNT Catchup

NEO founder Da Hongfei and Ontology founder Li Jun recently participated in an interview with Bi Tongtong. Tongtong is the editor-in-chief of PANews, a Chinese news organization with a focus on Asian blockchains. During the conversation, the interviewees answered a range of questions. Topics included their newly announced interoperability protocol, blockchain adoption, market valuation, and principles of corporate operation.

Developer Groups

NEO St. Petersburg Competence Center (NEO SPCC) released the third video in its NeoFS introductory video series, which aims to explain how data and information is placed, migrated, and replicated within the storage network. In the video, users will learn about how data is uploaded to storage nodes following the placement function.


August 19h, Alphacat released its bi-weekly report, which announced the launch of a desktop version of its platform, as well as a current listing of 102 dApps.

August 19th, QLC Chain released its bi-weekly report, which highlighted an upcoming hackathon in partnership with Opacity, QGAS listing on Cybex, and the integration of an email client module into the Confidant station.

August 20th, Nash Exchange released its Q2 2019 quarterly report, which highlights various development updates, planned improvements, and new hires. Nash indicated it had increased its managerial focus on team performance, which defines the processes and formal workflows necessary for growing the company.

August 20th, Novem announced the opening date of the first Novem Gold store, a delay in the NNN gold token going to market, and an extension to its NVM token pre-sale and public sale timeline.

August 20th, Narrative announced it had taken third place in the Social Network of the Year category of Hackernoon’s first “Noonies” awards.

August 20th, Switcheo Exchange listed Pikcio’s new PKX token, which was established after Pikcio recently fell victim to a scam.

August 20th, Splyse released its Safe Remote Purchase, a self-service escrow for any purchase, which offers encrypted messaging between the buyer and seller. The team built an implementation on NEO TestNet as a nOS dApp.

August 20th, QLC Chain announced winners from the Cyber Exchange trading contest. Additionally, the team is conducting an infographic design competition that is to include the past two years of development milestones.

August 20th, Jarvis+ released a bi-weekly report highlighting the launch of the Xiaojia management system, which includes an O2O function that combines offline QR codes and online services.

August 21st, Nash Exchange co-founders, Ethan Fast and Fabio Canesin, participated in an AMA on the Crypto Differ Twitter channel. Additionally, the co-founders participated in an interview with Blockchain Brad.

August 22nd, Switcheo announced they will move blog posts from Medium to their domain for more “flexibility in streamlining [their] content and marketing efforts.” All of Switcheo’s articles have been ported over and can be found on the relocated blog. Additionally, the team released an article highlighting a variety of updates to its user interface (UI), such as font updates, expandable order histories, and more.

August 22nd, Nash Exchange co-founders, Fabio Canesin and Ethan Fast, were interviewed by Brad Laurie to discuss distributed finance, Nash’s MVP, services on the non-custodial financial service platform, Nash mobile, and more.

August 23rd, TranslateMe announced a new team member, Sean Shüping, with ten years experience in systems infrastructure.

August 23rd, CardMaker released details for its package presale and staking event. Packages consist of in-game content and CAKE tokens, which can be unlocked by staking NEO or NNC tokens or purchased outright. The presale event launches on August 26th, 2019 at 19:00 (UTC + 8).

August 24th, Magic Cube concluded its 100 million MCC token buyback and burn.

August 24th, Nash conducted a community AMA to keep the community abreast of last-minute issues that delayed the launch of the exchange.

August 25th, QLC Chain chief architect Allen Lee released an open letter to the community, which outlines the QLC token’s role in the ecosystem.

Token Listings

PKX listed on Switcheo.


August 29th: NEO Colorado meetup – Denver, US.

August 29th: NEO LIVE – Novem Gold.

September 5th: NEO LIVE – Special Edition.

September 12th: NEO LIVE – QLC Chain.

October 2-4: Da Hongfei speaking at Delta Summit – Valetta, Malta.