On April 23rd, 2018, Zeepin released the open beta version of Crypto Galaxy on iOS and Android. Crypto Galaxy is a game that allows players to buy unique planets and mine them for ‘minerals’, which can be converted into GALA, the game’s native currency.

Zeepin hosted its first ever meet up in Seoul to launch Crypto Galaxy, which was first announced by Zeepin at NEO DevCon in January 2018. Zeepin describe the game as a ‘virtual universe powered by blockchain’ experienced through 3D graphics, where each planet exists as a digital asset.

Newly discovered planets need to be purchased with GALA, which was airdropped to ZPT holders though snapshots on March 1st and March 15th. GALA is not yet available on any exchange, but Zeepin have indicated they intend for it to be listed in due time.

Any user who downloads the game will be able to mine planets for minerals to earn GALA, even if they do not own a planet. Each account is granted a basic ‘GalaBot’ for mining, which can be upgraded to achieve higher mining output. Users will collect 20% of proceeds for mining unowned planets and 15% of proceeds for mining on planets owned by another user.

Zeepin held two rounds of private beta testing to smooth out game play before the open beta release. Some functionality is still limited, such as the ability to trade planets through an internal marketplace or upgrade robots, and will be available in future releases. Zeepin also plan to introduce the ability to purchase planets with ZPT, NEO and potentially other currencies such as Bitcoin.

Crypto Galaxy is currently running on the NEO MainNet but will move to a dedicated Galaxy Chain in the future. Players will be able to apply to host entire Galaxies though serving as Masternodes.

Crypto Galaxy can be downloaded by visiting cryptogalaxy.one. Players will need to be invited by another user or get a invite code from the Crypto Galaxy Telegram to register.

In addition to launching Crypto Galaxy, Zeepin also launched the Zeepin Chain TestNet. The Zeepin Chain will host a range of applications to power the ‘creative smart economy’, including ZeeRights, ZeeCreate, ZeeSure, ZeeCrew, ZeeFund, ZeeProof, ZeeTalent and ZeeWallet. These applications will provide tools for staffing, asset insurance, fundraising, project management and much more.

ZeeRights, Zeepin’s creative copyright application has been in closed beta testing since March and is scheduled for release in May.

For more information on Zeepin or Crypto Galaxy you can visit the below links.