The Bridge Protocol, a suite of tools for blockchain processes, has published a community update on recent progress and initiatives. Some notable events for Bridge included its launch of the Bridge Ambassador program, an update on the Switcheo listing, and Bridge CEO’s Stephen Hyduchak attendance at Lendit Fintech conference in San Francisco.

Bridge Ambassador Program

The Bridge Ambassador Program intends to spread awareness of blockchain technology on a grass roots level, educating students on the potential use and careers of this emerging technology. Bridge notes that there are “learning gaps” on how the blockchain works, and it wants to encourage students to learn about the new jobs this field can provide. Bridge will airdrop IAM tokens to the brightest and most enthusiastic students for them to get hands-on experience with blockchain and crypto technology. Ambassadors will also create and organize meet ups, as well as create content about the blockchain and Bridge’s digital identity protocol.

The official rules and guidelines are due to be published in early May, while interviews for the Bridge Ambassador Program are being held now. You can read more about the Bridge Ambassador Program here.

Switcheo Listing Update

As part of the update, Bridge also addressed when its IAM tokens will be listed on the Switcheo decentralized exchange, a platform that lets users trade NEP5 tokens. Bridge stated the reason for why traders cannot buy IAM tokens was due to an “issue with contract interpretation,” of the smart contract template provided by City of Zion and used by Bridge. Bridge notes that this was not due to an issue with the smart contract itself and that a solution is in development and hopes to have all issues resolved within the coming weeks.

You can read more about IAM’s listing with Switcheo here.

Bridge CEO Stephen Hyduchak at Lendit Fintech 2018

Stephen Hyduchak was a panel speaker at the 2018 Lendit Fintech conference in San Francisco, alongside Da Hongfei, NEO’s founder, and several other blockchain authorities. Stephen was tasked with representing Bridge Protocol on the Regtech use-cases for blockchain and answered questions by the audience about how ICOs can remain compliant with regulators, and how the community can aid regulators in this space to protect citizens and investors.

You can read the full write up about the talk by Stephen Hyduchak here.