Zeepin launched its MainNet in the last days of August, and mapping of its NEP-5 to MainNet token has recently been completed. The Zeepin platform aims to provide a suite of decentralized applications (dApps) that will assist creators with common issues surrounding intellectual property rights, insurance, staffing, project management, crowdfunding, and monetization.

To support the MainNet launch, Zeepin’s ZeeWallet has been updated to allow users to complete the NEP-5 ZPT token to MainNet ZPT token swap, and a guide has been released.

Zeepin note that an update to the old ZeeWallet version will allow the user to keep their original keystore data. Also, that users are highly recommended to store their keystore information, password, and private key in a secure, offline place.

To perform the swap, users should download the ZeeWallet application and create a new wallet. Participants who hold the keys to their NEP-5 ZPT tokens will be able to make the token swap to MainNet using two methods:

  1. Import a NEO wallet private key, and
  2. Use Ledger.

Further information on how to use either of the two methods can be found at the following link:


Zeepin stresses users should not make transactions between NEO wallets and the ZeeWallet. Once the tokens have been mapped and migrated, ZPT and GALA are no longer NEP-5 tokens. Users wallet addresses will begin with “Z”.

For users who have stored their ZPT on an exchange, they can create a new wallet and send the tokens to the ZeeWallet.

The ZeeWallet application will support nine languages, and will require 2 GALA for transaction fees.

In future versions, Zeepin aims to use ZeeWallet for users to select Galaxy consensus nodes.

For more information about Zeepin visit one of the links below.