NEO Global Development (NGD) has announced plans to open an office in Zürich, Switzerland. NGD will open its office at Trust Square, a blockchain hub that established itself in April of 2018 and hosts over 40 blockchain start-ups and organizations. The office will be headed by Lili Zhao, a former finance professional who will lead NGD initiatives in Zürich.

NGD launched a bounty program for security vulnerabilities. The bounty asks developers to submit any potential security issues or loopholes. Rewards will be made available based on the severity of the flaw. All reported vulnerabilities will be evaluated by the NEO core research and development team, focused on factors such as severity and influence. Severity is calculated based on the impact of the flaw and the probability of the vulnerability being used.

NGD has announced three upcoming hackathons, which will be a series of two-day events to take place across three countries. The hackathons will be held in Rotterdam and Delft in the Netherlands, Berlin in Germany, and Zurich in Switzerland. A total prize pool of 1,500 NEO and 4,050 GAS will be distributed across the three events.

On September 20th at Consensus: Singapore, Da Hongfei participated in a panel titled “Ethereum meets NEO,” with Virgil Griffith of the Ethereum Foundation. The conversation discussed similarities and differences between the two blockchain platforms, and roadmap items.

Also at Consensus: Singapore, Da Hongfei was interviewed by Bitcoin Magazine NL. Topics of discussion included the development of NEO 3.0, centralization of NEO as a strategy, game development on NEO, and Chinese regulatory approaches.

On September 22nd, NGD held its fourth NEO Blockchain Open Class in Shanghai, which focused on the deployment and debugging of smart contracts. On the same weekend over in Chengdu, a NEO Blockchain Challenge was held, which called on developers to build automation solutions for network testing.

Community Development

City of Zion (CoZ) announced that Fabio Canesin will be stepping down from his role as a CoZ council member, and will be replaced by Chris Hagar. Chris’s role as neo-python maintainer will be filled by Erik van den Brink. Council members Michael de Wal (known as “totalvamp”) and Alan Fong (known as “afong”) will also be stepping down before the end of 2018, with elections for replacements currently underway.

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released a progress report for the first half of September. The progress report included updates about the NEODUN hardware wallet, a community developer forum, the CryptoGladiator game, the BlaCat game development platform, and other NEL projects.

NEL also released its NEO Name Service (NNS) progress report for the first half of September. NNS will be integrated into the next version of the O3 Wallet and has incorporated multiple user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) improvements. The NNS auction protocol is reported to have been under a daily testing regimen. 

NNS domain name mining will also take place for a two-week period following the launch of its MainNet. Domain name mining will provide rewards to participants who have auctioned for (and won) a domain name via NNS. MainNet is planned to launch on Tuesday, October 9th.

Ecosystem Projects

Guardium hosted a video stream to provide a September progress update. In the video, the co-founders previewed Guardian 3.0, the Guardian staking model, partnerships, and events attended.

Trinity released its bi-monthly report and two articles in a new Q&A series. The bi-monthly report covered wallet development updates, application progress on the Ethereum blockchain, a simple node deployment platform, and a strategic partnership with NEL. Additionally, it posted Q&A articles about routing modes and state channels.

Red Pulse released a progress report, which covered a new customer support center, a survey for its Crypto Pulse project, and publicity events in Asia featuring its CEO, Jonathan Ha.

New Kind of Network (NKN) launched its experimental mining rewards campaign, which is aimed at encouraging users to test the NKN Public TestNet, share network connectivity, and to begin building out the NKN infrastructure. Participants will be able to earn NKN TestNet tokens and convert them to MainNet tokens, following its launch.

Alchemint has begun its first round of invitational testing for the stable coin platform. Testers for the platform have been chosen from a pool of users from the NEO ecosystem such as NGD, O3 Wallet, and more.

Ryu Coin released an updated roadmap, and announced the opening of its private token sale. Included in the update are three upcoming conferences and plans to focus on developing the Ryu platform through January of 2019.

Aphelion released an update to its desktop wallet. The latest release includes numerous bug fixes, improvements to smart contract deposit and withdrawal functions, better integration of network fees, and various UI improvements.

Jarvis+ published its weekly development report, which includes information about its mascot design contest, tweaks to its Telegram bot and user interface design, and a group quiz game that can now be accessed by Telegram users.

DeepBrain Chain released further information about the DeepToken Exchange model. DeepToken aims to serve as an artificial intelligence (AI) digital asset exchange. To help facilitate the introduction of new projects to the exchange, there will be a rewards scheme for voting paid out in DPT tokens.

Alphacat published its progress report for the first half of September. Progress includes growth in community development, the addition of ADA to the real-time forecasting application, and an update to its cryptocurrency index engine.

Spotcoin announced whitelist registration for its public token sale is scheduled to open on October 8th. Participants will need to meet all relevant Know Your Customer (KYC)/Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations. The token sale will commence on October 22nd and closes on October 27th.

Spotcoin also announced two airdrops with NEO ecosystem partners, Travala and Guardium. The airdrops will be held in preparation for Spotcoin’s public token sale. The airdrop is first come, first serve and will award 50 SPOT tokens to participants who meet the requirements.

Senno announced dates for its token distribution model and an upcoming exchange listing. SENNO tokens will be distributed on October 10th, 2018. After distribution, tokens will be listed on its first exchange on October 15th.


NEO Black Sea Community will be hosting an assembly and hackathon from September 28th through the 30th. The assembly will be comprised of blockchain businesses, experts, academics, and policy-makers, seeking to use new tools and the right network to create solutions for real-world problems. The hackathon will be oriented towards providing solutions for issues that affect Georgian people and improving government services through smart contract use.

Exchange Listings

Asura Coin (ASA) was listed on Bilaxy exchange.

Upcoming Events

September 28 – 30: NEO Black Sea Community Hackathon in Tbilisi, Georgia.

October 20 & 21: NEO Blockchain Hackathon in Rotterdam and Delft, in The Netherlands.