On March 10, 2018, Zeepin released an article further expanding on ‘Galaxy,’ a virtual universe based on the ZeepinChain. 

The ZeepinChain was developed to foster the global creative industry through copyright protection, talent recruitment, reward distribution, project funding, and other similar use cases.

Zeepin’s Galaxy

Galaxy is an entertainment-based decentralized application (dApp) that will operate on the ZeepinChain. ZPT or NEO can be used as ‘exploratory fuel’ to find and own a planet. These planets can be named, so that the user might be able to transfer assets to their uniquely named planet, instead of using a hash script as a public address.

The Galaxy token (GALA) has been developed to serve as a utility token to power transactions and contracts for the creative dApp. Users will also be able to use GALA to purchase planets, which provides them a virtual real right attached to a digital identity for asset ownership.

Each planet will have a defining set of attributes and characteristics, which include color, meteors that orbit the planet, different day length’s, population of planet inhabitants, city sizes, technological progress of the planet’s society, and more.

Much like a staked token that distributes utility tokens passively, GALA will be distributed to users who hold a planet. GALA will also be a mineable token, and planets will be tradable between users.

Zeepin aims to use the rendering engine of Galaxy to recruit designers and technology developers. The more a designer or developer contributes to the Galaxy ecosystem, the more GALA they will be rewarded by means of an iterative algorithm.

Galaxy will be an open source project, with the eventual goal of becoming a strong rendering blockchain, where users will be able to create their own planets with distinct IP addresses.

The first batch of planet’s made available to users will be limited. Those who are interested, can follow Zeepin’s social media channels, via the Galaxy website or Telegram, for upcoming announcements.