In this special edition of the Smart Economy Podcast, we take you on a journey through ETH Denver 2023, held Colorado, USA. For this episode, we visited the ETH Denver event and spoke with a diverse group of people in the blockchain space.

Throughout our conversations, we explore various perspectives on the current state of the crypto landscape, the benefits of in-person events, the evolving culture of blockchain, and the driving forces that led individuals to join this rapidly evolving industry.

We discuss the challenges and rewards of communicating complex blockchain concepts to those outside the field and delve into the collaborative and supportive nature of the blockchain community that fosters innovation. As the industry matures, we examine the changing dynamics and culture within the community and how in-person events play a crucial role in building relationships and fostering collaboration among remote team members.

We hope you’ll enjoy the wide range of insights, stories, and experiences shared in this episode.

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