AxLabs now supports GitHub codespaces in its template repository for neow3j smart contracts. The solution makes it easy for developers to create, test, and deploy Java contracts directly from the browser.

A GitHub codespace is an IDE within the GitHub platform that can be integrated in a repository. These codespaces create a curated coding environment, pulling together the necessary tools and dependencies for internal operations.


This is intended to significantly reduce the time and effort for a developer to experience a new technology, removing the need for manual downloads, installation, and setup. For example, neow3j codespaces incorporate Neo Express for ease of contract deployment and fast response times.

Developers can jump into Java smart contract development by visiting and cloning the neow3j contract template repository, running it with the “Create codespace” option. After allowing sufficient time for the container, development environment, and Java projects to finish loading, users can run the tests to see the core workflow in action using a basic Hello World smart contract.

Developers can learn more about building Neo contracts with Java by visiting the following link: