General Updates

Several projects have donated token prizes for a gachapon machine that will be part of the Neo booth at the upcoming Web3 Festival Hong Kong, which kicks off April 12. Attendees that visit the Neo booth will have the opportunity to interact with the Neo blockchain through the gachapon machine for a chance to win a sponsored prize. Donating projects include AxLabs, Blockchain Cuties, COZ, Everstake, Flamingo Finance, Forthewin Network, GhostMarket, Meme2Earn, NeoLine, Neo News Today, PolyNetwork, and Quirky Soul College.

NNT released an overview of new GrantShares proposals and discussions that have come to light through the early months of 2023. The article offered updates on previously approved proposals (i.e., Neo Compounder, Voxiberate, Neo analytics dashboard), and highlighted many of the recent discussions put forth. To date, 21,430 NEO and 165 GAS have been allocated across 15 proposals, amounting to approximately US $210,000, based on the exchange rates during each distribution. The treasury currently holds 5,036 NEO and 3,724 GAS. Additionally, the proposal Transacting NEO on PassMeCash was put forth for discussion this past week.

Quirky Soul College is collaborating with Neo Candy on a new skin vending machine. Starting April 10, users can obtain a unique Neo Candy-based skin that can be equipped on Quirky Soul NFTs. To earn a skin from the vending machine, users must own a Quirky Soul NFT and a CANDY NFT. One unique skin can be minted per Quirky Soul and CANDY NFT combination.

TOTHEMOON released a teaser image and lore copy ahead of the project’s first arcade game, with the launch date still to be announced.

Switcheo released a monthly overview for March 2023, which noted the NEO Perpetual trading market launch and a two-week competition where participants shared from a rewards pool of US $3,000 in GAS.

DogeRift is now listed on the GemMarketCap. The website claims to be “a community-driven website that focuses on listing the most promising and high-potential crypto projects in the market.”

Developer Updates

COZ released Neon Wallet v2.17.1, which added PrivateNet support to the desktop version of the wallet. Other updates include support for TestNet, custom networks, and PrivateNet WalletConnect 2.0, as well as minor defect mitigations.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 33 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring a diverse group of ETH Denver 2023 attendees. Throughout the conversations, the episode explores various perspectives on the current state of the crypto landscape, the benefits of in-person events, the evolving culture of blockchain, and the driving forces that led individuals to join this rapidly evolving industry.

The Meme2Earn team hosted a fireplace in conjunction with its first token burn since the rebrand to the TIPS token. In the event, the team discussed the reasoning behind changing the Meme2Earn ticker from NUDES to TIPS, its positive impact on search engines indexing the Meme2Earn website, and more. Additionally, the Neo booth at the Web3 Festival in Hong Kong will feature a video showcasing the Meme2Earn platform on a repeated loop.


April 12 – 15: Neo is a platinum sponsor of the Web3 Festival in Hong Kong.
April 12: Neo and O3 Labs co-hosting R3AL WORLD: Infra afterparty at Web3 Festival.
April 13: AfricaN3 joining GhostMarket Twitter Spaces.
April 26 – 28: Neo will be exhibiting at Consensus 2023.