The NudesArmy MemeSite team is rebranding to Meme2Earn and accepting sponsors to support ongoing Meme of the Day contests. The rebrand has slowly begun to spread across the platform’s social media accounts and will continue to expand across the website over the coming weeks. In addition, Meme2Earn also announced its first two sponsors for Meme of the Day, GhostMarket and nDapp. The new Meme of the Day format will take effect on Tuesday, Nov. 29.

Meme2Earn is a platform that allows users to submit meme content and receive NEP-17 NUDES tokens in return. Other users can upvote content using NUDES tokens with 60% going to the creator, 20% burnt, and 20% sent to the Boomer Fund. Likewise, users can spend NUDES to downvote meme content submissions. However, the meme creator does not receive any of these tokens as rewards, as 80% are burnt and 20% are sent to the Boomer Fund.

The platform will continue to utilize the NUDES token, which can also be used for the Boomer Fund, a single-stake fund that gives users LAMBO tokens once deposited. LAMBO tokens are proportionate to the share of the fund the user owns, which determines the rewards for holders. The “yield” derived from fees and minting rewards isn’t claimable by the user. Instead, it gets distributed to the entire Boomer Fund and is realized as an increased NUDES position when exiting the fund and redeeming LAMBO.

The team stated that the soft rebrand is part of an effort to enter the paid advertisement space on social media platforms like Google, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With explicit terms such as nudes plastered across the platform, content, and in the URL, algorithms blacklisted the website from search results and tagged it as adult content. While the project was initially based on the joke that token holders can “send NUDES” to one another, in reality, no adult content is exchanged. In the announcement, the Meme2Earn team stated, “This ‘soft rebrand’ is already showing to be effective in gaining sponsors and partnerships.” To date, Meme2Earn has secured nDapp as a sponsor for Tuesday winners and GhostMarket for Friday winners.

Meme of the Day contest

The Meme of the Day contest will be slightly updated from rotating around a seven-day cycle to a new daily theme. The team intends to follow current trends and topics to influence each day’s theme, with the exception of Thursdays and Sundays.

On Thursdays, the Meme2Earn team will burn an equal amount of NUDES that are used to upvote on the site that day. And, on Sundays the Meme2Earn team will choose one meme to post on its official Twitter account, but users must still Tweet their meme to qualify.

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, two winners will earn an equivalent of US $42 in NUDES tokens, which will be distributed at the end of each week.

Looking forward, the Meme2Earn team is accepting sponsorship from projects within or outside of the Neo ecosystem. Contact for more information.

Full competition conditions and mechanics can be found at the link below: