Neo Global Monthly Report - General

January 2023

Neo Global Monthly Report - General


Neo Global Development (NGD) and the Neo community kicked off January 2023 with community celebrations and giveaways; cross-project collaborations; videos that looked back on the year that was and forward into the year that will be; a new stablecoin release; and more.




Engagement across the community kicked off the new year with end-of-year retrospectives; new year celebrations; and thought leadership publications.

2022 reflections and 2023 new year celebrations with Neo

  • Neo released a 2022 lookback and a highlights video from the October 2022 Decoding Web3 Campus Tour
  • Neo celebrated the lunar new year with a contest and giveaway for the Neo community.
  • Neo joined with sponsored communities to share new year’s wishes and plans in this video from the Neo Foundation, Neo Global Development, NGD Enterprise, AxLabs, NeoResearch, Neo SPCC, NNT, and NEXT.

Neo in the news

  • Neo announced its upcoming plans to support zero-knowledge proof (ZPK) functionality. In support of these plans, Neo core developer Jinghui Liao published an introduction to ZPK.
  • Neo published an introduction to decentralized money markets, including an example in the Neo ecosystem.
  • NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss joined the Software Engineering Radio podcast.



Neo N3

  • Flamingo Finance released its USD stablecoin, FUSD
  • GhostMarket added support for users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs using the NEP token (Forthewin Network’s native token)
  • DefiLlama, a TVL aggregator that monitors prominent multi-chain DeFi product, added Forthewin Network




Neo ecosystem projects launched a new stablecoin; released new games, NFT collections, features, and services; distributed grants; held contests and community events, and more. Key highlights from across the ecosystem follow.


  • Held a giveaway to mark its upcoming Lifesaver NFT event.


Flamingo Finance

  • Released its own stablecoin (FUSD), and later discussed short and long-term plans for FUSD in the project’s monthly AMA on Discord.
  • Implemented minting rewards for the four new FUSD-based liquidity pools.
  • Announced plans to optimize rewards rates in favor of FUSD borrowers to bring the FUSD stablecon into parity with US $1.

Forthewin Network

  • Sold out its Neo Boyz NFT collection.
  • Distributed FTW keys to its 2022 holiday giveaway winners.
  • Joined a Poly Network Telegram and Twitter AMA event.



  • Released a new feature that allows users to select the GrantShares actions that they want to be notified about.
  • Executed approved proposals including “Renewed iOS SDK (Milestone 2 of 3); “cNEO Part 2: Contract Audit” by Lyrebird Finance; and “dApp – Gamefied price forecasting + NEO advanced analytics dashboard (with 3D visualizations). New proposals continue to flow through the GrantShares grant request process and appear in the proposal portal.


  • Added applications including GasBot, Neo Soccer, and Lounge to its discovery and analytics platform.
  • Added a GAS Calculator to the homepage so that users can calculate their average voting-based GAS returns, based on varying amounts of NEO.

Neo News Today

  • Released new episodes of the Smart Economy Podcast.
  • Released its first video-based version of the Week in Review, which has transitioned from podcast to video format.
  • Published a GrantShares overview of proposal activities to date, treasury department status, and more.

Poly Network

  • Released an overview for December 2022, noting new support for FTW’s NEP token to its bridge, a holiday contest, quizzes, and more.

Quirky Soul College

  • Concluded the first phase (“wave zero”) of its NFT mint.
  • Distributed rewards to community members.
  • Engaged in a new collaboration with COZ that will enable QSC game users to obtain a unique COZ-based skin that can be equipped on Quirky Soul NFTs.
  • Joined a GhostMarket Twitter Spaces session as noted above.


  • New News Today editor Brett Rhodes released a public version of Shrike, a toolset for Neo blockchain data analysis.

Switcheo Labs

  • Distributed its Dec. 2022 monthly report, noting integration of bNEO for lend and borrow pools on the Nitron money market and that bNEO can be used to mint the over-collateralized stablecoin, USC
  • Released a 2022 retrospective that noted integration of support for Neo N3 assets including bNEO on the Nitron lend and borrow decentralized money market and more.

Unlocking the Chain

  • Shared a video featuring Nitron, the lend and borrow money market by Demex that recently integrated support for bNEO.
  • Shared a video featuring the Forthewin Network.




  • Former members of the Neo SPCC development group announced a fork of the NeoFS project. This fork will remain integrated with the Neo blockchain and continue the project’s development as FrostFS, developed under a GPLv3 open-source license through the new entity named TrueCloudLab.
  • NGD now publishes its community developer updates in video format. The latest community developer updates are available on Neo’s YouTube channel.