DogeRift sold out its Bored Doge Club NFT mint in just over six hours, running from 9:00 a.m. (UTC) on Friday, May 20, to 3:15 p.m. the same day. The 5,000 NFTs were distributed to 86 unique Neo N3 wallet addresses.

Each Bored Doge NFT cost 500 million DOGER to mint. Any DOGER used to purchase a Bored Doge Club NFT will be burnt by the DogeRift team, which equates to 2.5% of the total supply. At the time of press, the 2.5 trillion DOGER to be burnt is worth approximately US $102,750.

Source: DogeRift

The Bored Doge Club series has a total supply of 5,000 NFTs, broken down accordingly:

  • Basic Bored Doge: 3,400 NFTs
  • Rare Bored Doge: 1,520 NFTs
  • Legendary Bored Doge: 80 NFTs

Looking forward, Bored Doge NFT holders will receive an airdrop of the game’s rewards token, DOGEF. The size of the airdrop will vary by NFT rarity: basic (100 million DOGEF), rare (300 million DOGEF), and legendary (1 billion DOGEF).

The mint sell-out announcement can be found at the link below: