Neo Global Development released its monthly technical development report for April 2022, which noted improvements in Neo core’s path to zero-knowledge proofs, updates to infrastructure and tooling from community developer groups, project milestones, and more.

The Polaris Launchpad officially moved on to the judging stage of the event. The judges will announce the winners on Monday, May 30. Following the conclusion of the Hackathon phase, the event will move onto Polaris Plus, which will take place on the Dorahacks platform. In this final round, the Neo community will contribute GAS to their favorite projects, with NGD matching additional funding through quadratic means.

NGD is hosting showcase demos of the top projects from the Polaris Launchpad hackathon. Beginning each day at 2:00 p.m. (UTC) May 23 through June 2, three to four teams will demonstrate their projects on the official Neo YouTube channel.

Hacash Diamonds announced intentions to launch a cross-chain NFT project with plans to release its second batch of NFTs on Neo. Hacash Diamonds will mint the initial 1H1B NFT collection on Neo and develop cross-chain tools for the Hacash blockchain and Neo to communicate. Hacash is a proof-of-work blockchain where the first Hacash Diamond NFT was minted in May 2019. According to the team, the purpose of the 1H1B DAO is to help the floor prices of its first NFT series, HACD, reach a floor of 1 BTC per NFT.

Neo experienced a block generation issue that halted the blockchain for more than six hours. The chain resumed block production and no funds or transactions were lost during the downtime.

Bitfinex resumed the migration of Neo Legacy assets to Neo N3 at 8:30 a.m. (UTC) on Thursday, May 19, 2022. Initially planned to take place on May 12, the exchange provider delayed the migration due to external market events.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today released the final episode of the first series on the Smart Economy Podcast. In episode four of the DAO series, Andrew Redden, PleasrDAO founding member, joined to talk about his background as a developer in the Ethereum ecosystem, his perspective on what DAOs are, what one should consider when championing a proposal in a DAO, the process and emotions of purchasing items at auction, and more.

The Inst.Money fiat on- and off-ramp recently launched and is offering support for N3 NEO. Currently, users can buy and sell USDT and NEO directly through the platform using USD or EURO.


May 18, TOTHEMOON sold out its Waxing Crescent Character NFT mint in approximately 27 hours. The mint launch consisted of 2,800 NFTs – 2,500 Cryptonauts, 200 Moon Trainers, and 100 Moon Babies. More than 200 unique Neo N3 wallets participated in the sale.

May 18, Everstake released a German translation of its guide for using One Gate to participate in Neo N3 governance.

May 18, Humswap launched its NFT staking feature for the BOWL collection. When staking a BOWL NFT, users will receive HUMS NEP-17 token rewards. HUMS is the platform’s utility token, which can be used to acquire future NFTs. When unstaking BOWLs, there will be no lock-up period allowing users to move or trade the NFT immediately.

May 19, Lyrebird released an article outlining its response to the recent collapse of the Terra protocol, which it was modeled after. Lyrebird intends to shift to a fractional reserve model that maintains a certain collateral ratio (partially backed by fUSDT) for every outstanding USDL stablecoin. Moving forward, the team intends to implement a mechanism for purchasing fUSDT on the open market whenever USDL is minted.

May 19, Poly Network added support for cross-chain transactions on the Harmony Protocol.

May 20, TranslateMe added support for the Korean language to its API.

May 20, DogeRift sold out its Bored Doge Club NFT mint in just over six hours, running from 9:00 a.m. on Friday, May 20, to 3:15 p.m. the same day. The 5,000 NFTs were purchased by 86 unique Neo N3 wallet addresses.

May 20, NudesToken burnt 50 trillion NUDES tokens worth more than US $100,000 at the time of the burn. The team also provided updates on the meme-to-earn website, announced a new NUDES NFT series, and detailed a forthcoming single-side NUDES staking feature.

May 22, TOTHEMOON took a snapshot of the Neo blockchain for its 2nd Generation Moon Creature airdrop at block heigh 1,582,435. For each 1st Generation Moon Creature held in a wallet, the owners will receive one random 2nd Generation Moon Creature.


May 23 – June 2: Polaris Launchpad Demo Week.