ITEM Systems has announced plans to install a new non-fungible item bronze plaque at a mural located in Santos, Brazil. The associated mural was installed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first wave of Italian immigrants to the region, many of whom came from Genoa, Italy. Similar to those installed at DENVER WALLS, the NFI plaque will offer tap-and-scan functionality for mural visitors to learn more about the artwork, its artists, and the piece’s cultural significance to the region.

Entitled A Sea of Hope, the mural is part of local municipal efforts to revitalize the Valongo neighborhood in the city’s central region by leveraging public art and education. On March 2, 2024, it was inaugurated in a ceremony attended by the Mayor of Santos and the Deputy Mayor of Genoa.

The mural was conceptualized by a trio of artists – two Brazil-borne and one recent Italian immigrant to Santos. The artwork shows a story of immigration, with an Italian woman leaving Genoa and various symbols of the culture of the two cities.

Source: She Wolf by Giulia.

Playing further on the cultural symbolism, the mural was painted on a building that formerly housed the Italian Consulate, which is located on Tuiuti Street in front of the forthcoming Valongo Park. The Park location is significant because it served as the historical “landing point” for Santos, where many arrived at the port city.

When users tap or scan the installed plaque, an in-mobile web app will offer an interactive map directing users to interesting parts of town and to local business partners.

The metalworking for the bronze ITEM System NFI plaque is underway, and the team anticipates the plaque will arrive in Santos for installation in March 2024.

Looking forward, officials in Genoa have already stated their intent to support the painting of a sister mural that will reference the City of Santos.

The link to the announcement can be found below: