Board racing game Pixudi has unveiled a competition to celebrate the creation of its new Neo board, following the acceptance of its second GrantShares proposal. This contest invites users to unleash their creativity by proposing ideas for new concepts, zones, and characters to be featured on the Neo board.

NEO Nexus

Pixudi, which had its first GrantShares proposal accepted in July 2023, features integration of Neo blockchain technology for facilitating payments, NFT minting, and storage through NeoFS. The game offers a dynamic environment where players can compete, collect treasures, and complete missions across diverse boards, each featuring unique mechanics and mini-games.

Its recent GrantShares proposal, which secured 1,000 NEO for further development, received seven votes in favor and none against. Pixudi sought funding to continue development along its roadmap, including creating new quest mechanics, tournaments, character upgrades, and the new Neo board.

The new board, tentatively titled “NEO Nexus – The Ultimate Blockchain Quest,” is designed to engage players through a series of thematic zones, each reflecting the contributions of prominent Neo ecosystem groups.

Plans are for the board to be segmented into various zones such as the Axlabs Arena, COZ Coliseum, Red4Sec Lab, or GhostMarket Bazaar, among others, each offering unique challenges and mini-games. These zones are not only aimed at entertaining players, but also at educating them about the Neo ecosystem through interactive gameplay and thematic representation.

How to Participate

To enter the competition, participants must share their ideas for the Neo-themed board in a comment on Pixudi’s announcement post and follow the game’s account on Twitter. Pixudi offered “Repository of dragon knowledge – NeoFS” as an example of the type of submissions it is seeking. The competition closes April 15.

The top three ideas will each receive one common mystery board pack from the recently announced Season 2, Enigma of Lost Ships. Furthermore, upon the launch of the Neo board, winners will be rewarded with an additional common board pack to help build their collection.

The original competition announcement can be found at the link below: