Forthewin Network is launching its first profile picture NFT collection, Neo Boyz, on the N3 blockchain. The mint begins on the official Neo Boyz website at 5:00 p.m. (UTC) on Friday, Nov. 11. There will be a total supply of 3,333 Neo Boyz NFTs, each of which will cost 5,000 NEP per mint.

The characters are generated through an algorithm that includes 138 unique traits for background, body, accessories, clothing, eyes, head, and mouth.

Source: Forthewin Network

Unlike Forthewin Network’s first NFT series, Runes, the generation of the NFTs will take place offchain using the Hash Lips Art Engine. The art engine is a tool that creates multiple instances of artwork based on the layers provided. Had the series been entirely generated on the Neo blockchain, the number of layers would’ve increased the complexity of creating the NFTs. However, the .png image of the Neo Boyz NFT will be kept in Base64 mime type within smart contract storage.

The proceeds from the Neo Boyz NFT series will be added to the NEP single-sided staking pool and go toward development expenses. Forthewin Network intends to launch the single-sided staking pool after the Neo Boyz mint sells out.

Users can take part in the Neo Boyz NFT mint with a Neon, Neo Line, OneGate, or O3 wallet.

To participate in the mint, visit the link below: