Neo has partnered with Fansland, a fan economy platform powered by blockchain and AI, to empower artists and provide consumers with new access to those in the entertainment industry. The partnership’s first initiative will entail the sponsorship of an event in Bangkok, Thailand, dubbed “the world’s first Web3 music festival,” which will occur later in the year.

Fansland is a cross-chain platform that seeks to offer NFT ticketing services, use real-world assets from in-person events for DeFi purposes, and cultivate virtual interactions between artists and fans. The platform will leverage a native FANS token that can be used for payment, staking, profit-sharing, and discounted fees for trading other digital assets on Fansland.

The Fansland team aims to attract more than 40,000 music lovers to the event. Confirmed artists for the festival include PSY (creator of Gangnam Style), Edison Chen, Henry Lau, Gen1es, Dice, BUS, Dreamnote, Pretzelle, Sistar19, Taemin, and 24kGoldn, among others. Neo and Fansland will co-host an exclusive afterparty for Web3 key opinion leaders, event VIPs, and celebrities.

In addition to leveraging technological resources, Neo and Fansland seek to further establish a footprint in the APAC region and garner the attention of the next generation of blockchain users. Thailand is a Web3 hub in Southeast Asia that offers a favorable regulatory framework and supports blockchain infrastructure development. On attracting the next generation of blockchain users, Neo Global Development Head of Ecosystem Growth John Wang said:

We recognize the importance of responding to the younger generation as users of Neo. We believe that collaborating with Fansland can easily attract the younger generation with Web3’s innovative models. A music festival in Bangkok aligns perfectly with our strategic development plans in Asia. We can’t wait to see this collaboration bear fruit.

Fansland raised over US $10 million in capital from entities such as Fantopia, iME Entertainment, Linear Capital, and others. The team intends to launch the platform in 2024 and seek support for exchange listings of the FANS token. Other technology partners include blockchain networks such as Binance Chain, Polygon, Solana, and Ethereum.

Looking forward, Neo and Fansland plan to explore the possibilities of minting tickets to events on the Neo N3 and X blockchains, with tickets represented as NFTs that will offer exclusive holder rights.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: