Carrot Swap is preparing the forthcoming Bunny NFT airdrop for participants in the first phase of its incentivized TestNet campaign. The NFTs will first deploy on the Neo X TestNet and redeploy to the same wallet addresses once the Neo X MainNet goes live. To qualify for the Bunny NFT airdrop, Carrot Swap required users to participate “sufficiently” in the Carrot Swap TestNet and to obtain a role on the official Discord server.

Carrot Swap is an AMM-based non-custodial exchange built on the Neo X sidechain. The first phase of the incentivized TestNet launched in Oct. 2023, where participants could earn points to qualify for rewards such as airdrops and NFTs.

The campaign comprised various missions available via the CarrotFi leaderboard. Examples of tasks included connecting social accounts, inviting friends, using the faucet, and making transactions. Users could swap or provide liquidity with TestNet assets, including GAS, bNEO, USDT, USDC, WBTC, and WETH. The team noted that more than 25,000 wallet addresses participated in phase one.

Looking forward, the Carrot Swap team notes that users with the Bunny NFTs will qualify for future rewards, although details are not available. At the time of press, there is no further information about phase two of the incentivized TestNet campaign.

The announcement can be found at the link below: