Neo SPCC has rolled out a number of updates across major NeoFS components. Several enhancements have been made to the node implementation, API, and Panel frontend application.

Panel v0.5.2

The recently released Panel serves as a user interface for the NeoFS network. The latest version makes changes geared towards general user experience. Container creation fees are now communicated on the UI, and Neon Wallet connection has been adjusted to work without a popup, improving wallet compatibility.

The team reworked the Extended EACL rules/filters component to improve user experience and updated the “allow reads for others” example to be more strict. The login page also received a wallet installation directive for users that are new to the ecosystem, featuring links to Neon, NeoLine, O3, and OneGate.

Node v0.41.1

The latest update for neofs-node focused on bug fixes. The fixes should improve stability and reliability of node operations by correcting errors in garbage collection, attribute ACL checks, storage node search permission, and object deletion.

Some new utilities were also added. The Lens tool, used to browse the contents of the NeoFS storage engine, received a metabase object lister and shard ID from the metabase reader. The Administrative tool, which provides setup and management functions for a NeoFS network deployment acquired a container estimations inspector. The CLI also received a new bearer print command for reading binary bearer tokens.

API v2.16.0

The neofs-api repo is the basis for language-specific API libraries, such as neofs-api-go and neofs-api-csharp. In v2.16.0, the team completed a significant rework of large object handling. Improvements made it easier to upload and seek through large objects. Bearer tokens, now equipped with an issuer field, can also be used to upload large objects following the changes.

The API also saw a number of deprecations. In particular, unused notification and X-header attributes were dropped. Additionally, the split ID field and expiration epoch fields on tombstones are now unsupported.