General Updates

Neo launched the Neo X Beta TestNet, bringing with it a new set of features as progress toward the MainNet launch continues. The latest iteration features multi-node governance capabilities in addition to an enhanced, bi-directional bridge between Neo N3 and Neo X. The Neo X Beta TestNet also features governance upgrades, helping to better define the usage of the network’s only native asset, GAS. Unlike the dual NEO/GAS token model of Neo N3, Neo X will use GAS as both the governance and utility token.

Neo Global Development and R3E Network researchers have released an academic paper discussing a novel random number provider protocol for BFT consensus-based blockchains such as Neo N3 and Neo X. The findings will be presented by Jimmy Liao, the primary author of the research paper and core developer for the Neo blockchain. Liao will showcase the research at the 54th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks in Brisbane, Australia.

Neo hosted a Twitter Space entitled Unveiling Neo X: Dive into the Beta Version, which featured Guil Sperb Machado and Michael Bucher of AxLabs/Bane Labs, Neo core developer Anna Shaleva of Neo SPCC, Neo core developer Jimmy Liao of R3E, and Hu Shili of NGD. The Space was moderated by Adela, community manager at the Neo Foundation. Topics of discussion included an introduction of new Neo core developers, an overview of the Neo X EVM sidechain’s features (i.e., native bridge, anti-MEV), governance rewards on Neo X, and more.

Neo is sponsoring the AI x Crypto Hackathon organized by BeWater, a builder community known for its management system for open innovation campaigns. The hackathon features a total prize pool of US $60,000, spread across five categories. Neo has contributed an additional $2,000 prize for the Bounty track, with the condition that projects must be deployed on the Neo X TestNet.

The non-fungible item t-shirt collection by ITEM Systems from Paris Blockchain Week 2024 became viewable on GhostMarket. At the event, the Neo booth offered visitors a chance to engage in a hands-on creative process to personalize an NFI-integrated t-shirt. Participants expressed their artistic flair by customizing the shirt with fabric markers, then assigning on-chain traits such as a photo and artist name to its digital counterpart.

GrantShares proposal for NDEX, a NEP-17 token generation and distribution platform, was put forth for vote and has received four votes in favor. Four members have yet to vote.

Neobox added a new game, 3702, to the arcade page of its DropBox-like user interface and also added a document editor for creating Word documents or PDF files. Additionally, Neobox launched a TaskOn community campaign to reward users who help enhance its social media engagement and outreach.

Pixudi integrated support for swipelux, a fiat on-ramping service allowing users to purchase in-game card packs using a credit card.

Meme2Earn released a recording of its March 2024 community fireplace, which noted the conclusion of the Zealy monthly campaign, the team’s reasons for using Zealy instead of TaskOn for community campaigns, and more.

Carrot Swap announced an upcoming NFT airdrop for users who have participated in its TestNet campaign and have obtained a role on the Carrot Swap Discord server. Carrot Swap is an AMM-based non-custodial exchange being built on the Neo X EVM sidechain. The NFTs will first be deployed on Neo X TestNet, and later on MainNet once it’s live.

Flamingo released a recording of its March 2024 community lagoon, which focused on OrderBook v2 updates, GAS cost optimization, why Flamingo needs GAS fees to decrease for calling Neo contracts, marketing initiatives, and more. Additionally, Flamingo shared statistics on top pools by trading volume for week 16 of 2024, noting US $6.11 million in volume for FLP-FLM-bNEO, $2.03 million for FLP-bNEO-fWBTC, and $2.01 million for FLP-bNEO-fUSDT.

NNT Catch Up

NNT aired Episode 62 of The Smart Economy Podcast featuring Rowland Graus, director of product management & developer relations at Agoric, a smart contract platform designed to enhance the usability of blockchain networks. Topics of discussion include Agoric’s specialized smart contract platform for JavaScript developers, cross-chain interoperability within and outside the Cosmos Interchain, how MetaMask leveraged Agoric’s Hardened JavaScript toolkit for Snaps, Agoric’s vision for stablecoins and their integration into the ecosystem, and more.

NNT editors hosted Crypto Coffee and Blockchain Beer Spaces #16 on The Smart Economy Podcast X. Topics of discussion included Web3 narrative changes over time, EVM significance increasing each year, lessons learned from Neo’s narrative changes over the years, Neo X’s tentative Q3/Q4 launch, and how non-EVM features can enhance EVM.

Neo finalized its NFT royalty standard, assigned as NEP-24. The standard describes an extension to NEP-11 NFT smart contracts that will allow them to disclose royalties to be honored on re-sales of the asset. The standard describes the implementation of a new method, royaltyInfo, which NFT contracts can add and use to specify single or multiple royalty recipients.

Neo shared a brief video highlighting the experience on the ground at the recent Web3 Festival that took place in Hong Kong.

The Smart Economy Podcast was featured in the Stand With Crypto Founder Spotlight clip series discussing the non-speculative, innovative businesses that blockchain, crypto, and web3 can foster.


April 30: Meme2Earn hosting a Community Fireplace on official Discord server.
April 30: Flamingo hosting a Community Lagoon on official Discord server.
May 3: NNT editors hosting CC & BB #17 on The Smart Economy Podcast official X account.

Token Listings

NEO has been listed on the Kraken Pro perpetual futures exchange.