TOTHEMOON and Forthewin network have joined forces to create new Fused Cryptonaut tokens for use in Arena battles. The Fusion process is now live and can be accessed through a new interface within the TOTHEMOON Market.

Owners of both a Cryptonaut and a Rune NFT will be able to fuse them together to create the new NFTs, which will be used to battle in Tournaments and Arenas. Fused Cryptonauts take on the Phase attribute of the Rune, and receive a Battle Position attribute that is calculated using the Total Cryptonaut Points and Rune Luck amounts.

Fused Cryptonauts will be able to participate in battles, earning Experience and Rank in addition to rewards. TOTHEMOON notes that more information about the battle formats, formulas, and rewards will be released along with the first Tournaments/Arenas in approximately two weeks.

(Source: TTM Market)

Fusion is a reversible process—users can pay 1 GAS plus blockchain fees to fuse or unfuse at any time. Unfusing will return the original Cryptonaut and Rune to the owner’s wallet. However, any Rank and Experience gained will be lost along with the Fused Cryptonaut.

Although equipment color and type are selected based on the Fused Cryptonaut attributes, the background color is chosen randomly. This means players can unfuse and refuse in order to roll for a different color.

The full announcement can be read at the link below: