Neo unveiled an interactive chest game for attendees at Consensus 2022, hosted at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX. Participants had a chance to win engraved coins loaded with 400 GAS tokens and other prizes. Attendees also had the opportunity to learn about the Neo ecosystem, acquire swag, and test various N3 applications and development tools. Neo News Today interviewed the following leaders and projects in the Neo ecosystem:

Neo Global Development launched the Polaris Launchpad’s Plus phase. Neo users can vote for their favorite projects in the hackathon by using GAS in a quadratic voting mechanism. Community contributions will be matched by a Neo-allocated pool of US $101,300 in value. The platform uses a quadratic funding mechanism implemented in an N3 smart contract to encourage the fair distribution of funds based on where the collective community finds value. Votes can be submitted until June 28, when community contributions close, and final results will be announced.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today released episode seven of the Smart Economy Podcast featuring, Psykeeper, founder of Saffron Finance. Discussion topics included trade-offs of being an anonymous founder, his outlook on DeFi’s opportunities and constraints, preferences for building in bear markets, multi-asset tranching systems, using stablecoin yield for insurance funds, and more.

Developer Groups

Neo SPCC released NeoGo v0.99.0, a major upgrade offering compatibility with Neo-CLI v3.3.0. The update also features new RPC methods for performing invocations against old chain states. The latest NeoGo release contains many of the same improvements added to the reference implementation. Examples include contract call isolation to allow for state rollbacks when exceptions occur, new native contract methods such as the Murmur32 hash function, and vote/candidate state change events in the NeoToken contract.

COZ released Neon Wallet mobile v1.0.31, which included the addition of basic NFT features (i.e., NFT gallery support, NFT transaction history) and other minor bug fixes.

COZ released Dora blockchain explorer v0.1.3, which included transaction information page enhancements and other minor improvements and bug fixes.


June 7, Poly Network released its monthly report for May 2022, which noted partnerships with new blockchain networks, surpassing $16.1 billion cross-chain volume and exceeding approximately 870,000 cross-chain transactions.

June 10, Flamingo listed the SOMNIUMWAVE NEP-17 SOM token in a reverse liquidity pool, paired against FLM. SOMNIUMWAVE is a 3D open-world where players can explore plots of land that host buildings and area galleries.

June 10, Rentfuse launched its NFT renting protocol on the Neo N3 MainNet. Users will be able to start lending their NFTs or renting others using the collateral-based Escrow mode via the Rentfuse website.

June 11, GhostMarket CEO Vincent Geneste participated in a Reddit AMA, where he discussed upcoming blockchain integration, the roadmap for the rest of 2022, and more. GhostMarket also released dates of other upcoming AMAs and Twitter space events for the rest of June 2022

June 12, TOTHEMOON and Forthewin Network joined forces to create new Fused Cryptonaut tokens for use in Arena battles. The Fusion process is now live and can be accessed through a new interface within the TOTHEMOON Market. Owners of both a Cryptonaut and a Rune NFT will be able to fuse them together to create the new NFTs, which will be used to battle in Tournaments and Arenas. Fused Cryptonauts take on the Phase attribute of the Rune, and receive a Battle Position attribute that is calculated using the Total Cryptonaut Points and Rune Luck amounts.

Token Listings

SOM listed on Flamingo Finance.


June 17: Nash is a sponsor partner of the BCNL Borrel conference in Amsterdam, NL.