In this episode of The Smart Economy Podcast, host Dylan Grabowski is joined by Andreas Brekken, the founder of SideShift, a non-custodial exchange dedicated to seamless onboarding and user privacy.

Join them as they:

  • Unpack the evolution of exchanges in the past 10 years
  • Discuss Andreas’ foray into crypto and building his first exchange
  • Delve into the rise of SideShift
  • Shine a light on the importance of user privacy and zero registration
  • Weigh in on building a blockchain company for bull and bear cycles
  • Explore SideShift’s recent successes and the future
  • And much more!

Andreas Brekken is the founder of SideShift. He is also the founder and writer of the weekly Newsletter and co-host of the Podcast. With a background in programming, Andreas has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2011. He built his first exchange, Justcoin, from scratch in 2013 and worked as a software engineer at Kraken.

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