Neo Global Development released its technical development monthly report for March 2022, which noted an increase in transactions per second throughput on Neo N3 TestNet, the release of a new debugger preview on the Neo Blockchain Toolkit, and developer experience improvements on Neo SPCC’s Go node and NeoFS client.

NGD hosted an AMA with Sascha Stange, the marketing director at Bit.Store, a SocialFi investment platform and Neo’s most recently announced partner. In the AMA, Stange discussed the team’s drive to reduce the complexity of onboarding into cryptocurrencies, how trading information is shared on the platform, STORE token use cases, and regions where NEO has become more accessible. Currently, Bit.Store is conducting a NEO and STORE giveaway, and interested participants have until April 23 to register.

NGD hosted four technical workshops to assist participants in the Neo Polaris Launchpad. The first event was delivered on April 11 by Neo SPCC’s Stanislav Bogatyrev, CIO, and Alexey Vanin, software engineer. The discussion focused on smart contract development using the NeoFS distributed storage network and Neo’s native oracle network.

On April 12, Tyler Adams, COZ co-founder, gave a workshop on the PROPS smart contracts and developer frameworks.

On April 13, Chief Architect at NGD Enterprise Harry Pierson conducted a workshop dedicated to coding smart contracts in C#.

The final workshop was hosted on April 14 by Michael Fabozzi, the founder of Rentfuse, where he offered an overview of wallet integration using the Neo Wallet Adapter.

Developer Groups

COZ updated the Android and iOS versions of Neon Wallet Mobile to add support for WalletConnect. The upgrade makes it easy for users to connect their N3 wallets with applications that support WalletConnect integration.


April 11, Flamingo released data about the tokens distributed through the tipping mechanism that allows members of the Flamingo Hodler Program to send NEP-17 tokens to other members. The graphic shows figures on GAS, FLM, NUDES, and CANDY tips.

April 12, NudesToken announced intentions to develop a 3D metaverse game, Nudes City. Plans are for the game to offer mini-games and a merchandise shop and to host NFT auctions.

April 13, Switcheo released its monthly update for March 2022, which noted that the team enabled NEP-5 to NEP-17 SWTH token migration from Neo Legacy to N3, Switcheo Labs co-founder Ivan Poon participated in a Neo Polaris panel, and the SWTH has been listed on the Osmosis cross-chain non-custodial exchange.

April 14, Lyrebird announced the algorithmic stablecoin protocol is launching its dollar-pegged token, USDL, and the stabilization utility token, LRB, on Neo N3 in late April 2022. There will be no public token sale, but 50% of the initial LRB token supply will be released via airdrops, Flamingo reverse liquidity pool rewards, and other methods.

April 15, Flamingo launched a new liquidity pool, pairing FLM against Wing Finance’s WING token. Currently, Wing Finance is conducting a liquidity mining rewards campaign to celebrate the integration.

April 15, Rentfuse announced the winners of the Bits category of its community content campaign. The winners were determined by their scores from renting and lending protocol through Fusekind Bits on N3 TestNet. Community members have until April 21 to submit their votes for the top content created during the campaign.

Token Listings

WING listed on the Flamingo non-custodial exchange.


April 19: Polaris Workshop – Thoughts on Excellent UI/UX Design with Adrian Fjellberg and Odd Roland of Flamingo.

April 20: Polaris Workshop – The DAO development behind GrantShares with Claude Muller of AxLabs.

April 21: Polaris Workshop – NFT development, Technical Quick Start Series with Mathias Enzensberger of GhostMarket.