General Updates

Neo Global Development opened registration for the Seoul GAS Station in South Korea. A collaboration with industry players OKX, CertiK, and Alchemy Pay, the Seoul GAS Station is scheduled for Sep. 1 and 2 at 311 Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The GAS Station is strategically positioned as an official side-event of the 2023 Korea Blockchain Week.

NGD hosted a Twitter Spaces entitled Judging Criteria and Key Factors: An Inside Look at Hackathon Evaluation. The Spaces was hosted by NNT and featured NGD digital labs lead Steven Liu and former director of Amber Japan, Li Yijin. Topics of discussion included judging criteria for hackathon projects, pitfalls participants can avoid when submitting projects, and more. There were technical difficulties, and the Spaces is broken into three segments (first, second, and third).

NGD issued a warning to avoid a scam asking users to connect their Neo wallets to a malicious website claiming to offer an airdrop of tokens. There is no NEO airdrop and users are encouraged to visit to keep up to date on any major announcements.

Mercurial Apps released an unofficial collection of resources from the Neo community to help others get started with the Neo blockchain. The site offers resources for developers and users regarding the Neo N3 blockchain and ecosystem.

COZ CEO Tyler Adams wrote an op-ed for outlining his thoughts and perspectives on the NFT space. The article offered an overview of the historically speculative nature of NFTs, as well as the convergence of NFT technology interacting with the real world via non-fungible items.

O3 Labs announced the winners of the cross-chain airdrop campaign. Fifty participants will share from a pool of US $2,000 in tokens plus 50 Blockchain Cuties NFTs. Prizes will be distributed within ten business days from Aug. 18.

NGD eco growth manager Denis Suslov joined a KaratDAO Twitter Spaces to discuss multi-party computation and privacy on blockchain networks.

Meme2Earn shared an interview with two Nigeria-based community members on how the meme platform has positively impacted their lives.

Flamingo Finance announced the date and time of the next community lagoon AMA session, which will take place on the official Discord server at 1:00 p.m. (UTC) on Aug. 29. Flamingo also shared statistics on the top pools by APR, which included 72% on FLP-bNEO-FUSD, 63% on FRP-bNEO-DOGER, and 58% on FRP-bNEO-DOGEF.

NNT participated in an Unlocking the Chain Twitter Spaces, an informal discussion about the Neo ecosystem, dApps building on the blockchain, NFT marketplaces, the history of Neo Legacy and N3, and much more.

NNT participated in a GhostMarket Twitter Spaces to discuss the Neo ecosystem, the Smart Economy Podcast, and NFT trends.

GrantShares proposals World of Elements: A new game for the Neo blockchain, presented by FrankCoin, NEO – (TAH) Proposal, and NeoHub were put forth for discussion.

Developer Updates

AxLabs software engineer Claude Muller hosted a development workshop titled BUIDL DAO with AxLabs on Neo’s Official YouTube Channel.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 44 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Andrew Lawrence, CEO and co-founder of Censo. Topics of discussion include his background in financial markets, how he recognized the utility of blockchain technology early on, and the challenges of key management. He delves into the importance of open-source development and the immutability of information stored on the blockchain.


Aug. 26 – 27: Neo APAC Hackathon GAS Station stop in Bangalore, India.
Aug. 29: Flamingo Finance community lagoon AMA.
Sep. 1 – 2: NEO APAC Hackathon GAS Station stop in Seoul, South Korea.