General Updates

Quirky Soul College launched a mobile version of its NFT-based adventure game, while also updating several features. The UI has been improved, and new game parameters have been added. Users can also now perform batch actions for all Quirky Soul NFTs in their wallet, including venture, infuse, recall, awake, and level.

Demex joined Neo Global Development‘s Neo Live AMA series to discuss its non-custodial trading platform, money market module, and adding support for bNEO. Sam, Demex’s Growth Lead, discussed the origins and features of the Demex exchange, what separates Demex from competitors, how the team aims to simplify DeFi processes and onboard new users, blockchain network partnerships, and the exchange’s 2023 roadmap. Participants in the AMA shared rewards from a prize pool of 20,000 SWTH tokens.

Flamingo Finance hosted a Community Lagoon with lead maintainers Odd Røland and Adrian Fjellberg to discuss the upcoming launch of the FUSD over-collateralized stablecoin and margin maintenance bot. Flamingo also released FLUND statistics, noting US $4.45 million in total value and total trading fee rewards of $164,553.

TOTHEMOON Resource Token staking took effect on Friday, Dec. 30, and will yield Resource Deed NFTs to stakers. Additionally, the TOTHEMOON team conducted holiday giveaways where three entrants won 2,000 NEP tokens and one entrant won a Third Phase Moon Trainer NFT.

GrantShares proposal Boost a dApp for the win! received support for funding, which was executed and distributed on Dec. 29.

NNT Catch Up

Neo Soccer kicked off the third season of its three leagues, adding new features to the soccer management game including penalty shootouts, bits, and consumables. Before the most recent update, if a Cup match ended in a draw, the win would automatically go to the visiting team. Moving forward, Cup matches that end in a draw will be settled by penalty kicks. Bits are an additional in-game currency that can be spent on the platform. Users can earn bits for performing in-game activities, owning a NEO-BITS NFT, and contributing to Neo Soccer by making marketing materials, videos, and guides. Lastly, consumables can improve player, manager, and stadium attributes or be used to change the names of any of these entities.


Jan. 5: Quirky Soul College joining GhostMarket Twitter Spaces.