General Updates

AfricaN3 conducted its first blood drive in collaboration with Action On Blood and the Nigerian Medical Laboratory Science Students Association at the University Teaching Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. More than 60 LIFE NFTs were distributed to individuals who donated blood during the campaign. LIFE NFTs are soulbound tokens, meaning that they cannot be sold or transferred from the wallet that minted them, and grant the owner entry into a raffle with GAS prizes.

DogeRift released patch update v 1.12, which includes several fixes and improvements to enhance the adventure mode of the game. DogeRift also concluded an airdrop of 200 million DOGER tokens, shared among five random winners.

Neo News Today provided updates on a range of improvements to that were deployed over the past few weeks. New features include a GAS reward calculator and a page to display centralized applications that integrate with Neo. GasBot also received updates, including newly supported tokens and a command to run token giveaways.

Mega Oasis announced a new partnership with artist Andhika Ramadhian along with plans to launch a new NFT series as a part of the collaboration.

METAFORRA COO Arthur Issabayev joined the Neo Live AMA series to discuss the team’s GameFi and EdTech platform. In the AMA, Issabayev discussed the motivation for the METAFORRA team, the differences between play-to-earn and play-and-earn, METAFORRA’s unique fundraising method, plans for integrating NFTs into the gaming platform, and more. Five participants shared rewards from a prize pool with an equivalent of US $150 in METTA tokens.

Flamingo released an overview of FLUND statistics for the seventh week of 2023, which noted a total value of US $10.1 million, total minting rewards of $2.5 million, and total trading fees of approximately $367,000 accrued to FLUND holders.

Neo Foundation Head of Development Steven Liu joined the Atomic Wallet Twitter Spaces to discuss his day-to-day responsibilities, the technical capacity of the Neo blockchain, Neo’s global developer community, and much more.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 28 of the Smart Economy Podcast with Al Morris, founder of Koii Network. Topics discussed include empowering users by giving them control over their data, building a decentralized internet, rewarding users for contributing resources, the various iterations of the Koii Network, and upcoming releases.

NNT released a brief video that showed individuals how to use GasBot to create NEP-17 token giveaway campaigns on Discord. The giveaway command is a new tool designed to give server owners and members a way to boost engagement and distribute tokens. Giveaways can be set up with a configurable reward amount for winners, quantity of winners, and win probability for participants. Any GasBot user may create a giveaway in a server where they have the appropriate permissions to do so.


Feb. 28: Flamingo hosting a Community Lagoon on its official Discord server.