Neo Global Development released its general monthly report for Jan. 2022, which offered an overview of N3 migration and exchange support, community engagement, ecosystem growth, and developer group highlights.

Diesis Network, a Europe-based social economy network, will collaborate with NGD to explore the potential of building on the Neo N3 blockchain. Diesis focuses on supporting and benefiting social economy organizations – entities that put social and environmental purposes first, reinvesting most of their profit back into the organization. Moving forward, NGD and Diesis will collaborate on multiple initiatives to help create a smart, social economy that utilizes Neo’s technology.

NGD announced the upcoming Neo Polaris Launchpad, which will begin at 1:00 p.m. (UTC) on Monday, March 7, 2022, with a Community Kick-off Call. The Call will feature presentations from Neo founder Da Hongfei, NGD’s head of development Steven Liu, NGD’s business development manager Catherine Lu, and Dean Jeffs, founder of Neo News Today.

NGD released the Gleeder app, a GAS station for Neo N3, to help new users acquire GAS for their first transaction. Neo dApp developers interested in integrating support for the Gleeder app are encouraged to contact NGD’s Steven Liu.

NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss joined Digifox’s YouTube series, The Amp, to discuss what led deVadoss to decentralized systems, why blockchain users need to learn how to browse GitHub, how decentralization reduces corruption, and three cryptocurrency tipping points to keep an eye on.

Coin Telegraph published an article on Neo after it interviewed community members to discuss their thoughts on feelings on the blockchain project.

NNT Catch Up

Rentfuse launched on the Neo N3 TestNet with a demo release of Fusekind Bits NFTs, and is hosting a contest to test the protocol. The contest began on Sunday, Feb. 27, and the goal is for users to complete a lend and borrow cycle using the Rentfuse protocol. The contest is tentatively planned to run for two weeks, although there is no defined end date at the time of press.

Developer Groups

NGD Enterprise released neo-debugger v3.2.28, which includes a fix to the versioning scheme and various other updates.


Feb. 28, Novem announced the launch of a new NNN token smart contract on Binance Smart Chain, and that the team minted an additional 4,300 NNN tokens.

March 1, Flamingo updated its roadmap through Q4 2022. Most notably, Flamingo has identified core targets for delivery in the remaining month of Q1. Examples include implementing reverse pools, integrating mobile wallet support, and adding single-stake pools. Looking forward, items on the roadmap for Q2 2022 include the integration of a fiat on-ramp and the reprioritization of the Lottery platform. Flamingo has moved plans for integrating the Auto Compounded AMM to Q3 2022.

March 2, Poly Network released its monthly report for Feb. 2022, which noted a new partnership with GhostMarket, an AMA with GhostMarket, total trade volume surpassing US $15.8 billion, and exceeding approximately 789,000 cross-chain transactions.

March 3, Mega Oasis announced an upcoming airdrop to NFT holders, and an upcoming second NFT series from Zhenchen Liu.

March 3, TranslateMe announced the launch of its first smart contract on the Neo N3 TestNet.

March 4, Flamingo released metrics for Feb. 2022, which noted trade volume exceeding US $72.8 million, approximately 39,000 trades, and the top three most traded pools.

March 6, Flamingo released a monthly update for Feb. 2022, which covered preparation for multi-language support, the launch of the fCAKE token and liquidity pool, the release of the 2022 roadmap, and various other platform design improvements.