General Updates

Neo Global Development launched the New Year Moments Giveaway campaign, which will distribute 320 GAS shared among winning entrants. Participants can enter the campaign in two ways now through Jan. 24. First, contestants can compete in the Gleam Points Collection by fulfilling various tasks to earn entry tickets. Second, participants can gain entry into the Community Lucky Draw by submitting original photos of New Year’s celebrations in the #share-moment channel on the official Neo Discord server.

NGD also released an article outlining decentralized money markets and how users can now borrow and lend in the Neo ecosystem via the Demex DEX. The article highlighted the tenets of decentralized money markets, including non-custodial, permissionless, over-collateralized, and open-composable solutions.

Various Neo ecosystem leaders shared well wishes via video for the community in the New Year, including Erik Zhang (Neo Foundation), Da Hongfei (Neo Foundation), John deVadoss (NGD Enterprise), Steven Liu (Neo Foundation), Guil. Sperb Machado (AxLabs), Vitor Coelho (NeoResearch), Roman Khimov (Neo SPCC), John Wang (Neo Global Development), Dean Jeffs (Neo News Today), and Edison (NEXT).

Flamingo plans to optimize rewards rates in favor of FUSD borrowers to bring the FUSD stablecoin into parity with US $1. Since its Jan. 10 launch, Neo’s new stablecoin has not been able to maintain its peg to $1, trading between $1.02 and $1.15. The Flamingo team currently theorizes that the reasoning for the price differentiation is that more people are purchasing FUSD on the market than are minting the stablecoin backed by other ecosystem assets. To address the disparity between the target price for the stablecoin and its current value, Flamingo intends to change the incentive structure to favor borrowers over spot purchasers. Additionally, the FLM token inflation rate decreased from 2.55% to 2.34% on Tuesday, Jan. 17.

DogeRift distributed its first round of rewards to the top players on the leaderboard. Beginning in Feb. 2023, DogeRift will also start distributing rewards for top players on the Parkour Mode leaderboard.

Quirky Soul College concluded the first phase of the Quirky Soul College NFT mint, known as “wave zero.” Users will not be able to mint Quirky Soul NFTs until the launch of the next wave, which hasn’t been announced. The QSC team alluded to an upcoming airdrop for Quirky Soul NFT holders.

AfricaN3 is hosting a GAS giveaway in anticipation of the team’s upcoming Lifesaver NFT event. Five winners will share from a pool of 25 GAS.

Switcheo Labs released an overview of the progress achieved on its Carbon chain and other ecosystems in 2022. The summary included the integration of support for Neo N3 assets, including bNEO, on the Nitron lend and borrow decentralized money market.

GrantShares proposal Renewed iOS SDK (Milestone 2 of 3) successfully received funding. Proposals NEO on TikTok and A set of NEO Chinese Development Tutorials (JAVA) are created for Chinese community developers were put to the vote and rejected. The proposals cNEO Part 2: Contract Audit and dApp- Gamefied price forecasting + NEO advanced analytics dashboard (with 3D visualizations) were put forth to a vote.

Blockchain Cuties joined the GhostMarket Twitter Spaces to discuss the multi-chain adventure game and its various game features. Blockchain Cuties and GhostMarket are also hosting a Valentine’s Day reward campaign, where five users will win a holiday-themed Cutie NFT, and five users will win 2,000 GM tokens.

NNT editor Brett Rhodes released a public version of Shrike, a set of tools built for Neo blockchain data analysis. Currently, the infrastructure comprises three components, including an Indexer that synchronizes to a NeoGo node to process data, an API to query the data, and a GUI web interface to interact with the data.

Developer Updates

Neo SPCC released NeoGo v0.101.0. The update remains compatible with Neo v3.5 and includes a number of bug fixes, with most affecting the RPC system and smart contract compiler. The most noteworthy change in the new release is a fix for an off-by-one error in Transfer notifications retrieved from block application logs. In the compiler, a change was made to correct an issue where use of a shadowed variable could lead to an infinite loop. Due to database changes in the update, resynchronization will be required by node runners.

AxLabs implemented a new notifications feature into the GrantShares web app. Users can opt-in to receive progress updates on proposals, making it easier to stay in the loop with platform activity. Notifications are disabled until activated and can be filtered by each stage of a proposal’s life cycle. For example, a user may receive alerts on new proposal creation, grant payout, or expiration.