General Updates

Neo Global Development released an overview for 2022, which highlighted notable events, major dApp releases, and new projects that joined the ecosystem. NGD stated, “Many of the seeds that we planted over the previous 12 months have just begun to grow and mature.” NGD is also looking forward to the ecosystem continuing to build momentum in 2023.

Neo core developer Jinghui Liao introduced a series on integrating zero-knowledge proofs on the Neo blockchain. ZKPs increase privacy by allowing one user to verify a statement is true without sharing other information associated with either user (i.e., a user’s wallet). The article offered examples of how ZKPs can be used, including anonymous voting, verifying age to purchase alcohol, and proving that a puzzle has been solved without showing the answers, among others.

Flamingo Finance launched the over-collateralized FUSD stablecoin on Jan. 10, and minting rewards for the four new FUSD-based liquidity pools (FLM/FUSD, fWBTC/FUSD, bNEO/FUSD, and fUSDT/FUSD) went live. Flamingo announced plans to increase incentives for FUSD token minting (aka “borrowing”) over spot market purchases of the FUSD token, which has been trading above US $1 since FUSD launched. Additionally, Flamingo released FLUND statistics for the first week of Jan. 2023, which noted US $5.95 million in total value and approximately $185,000 in total rewards from trading fees on the DeFi platform.

Forthewin Network’s lead developer Ed joined a Poly Network Telegram and Twitter AMA event, which distributed 20,000 NEP tokens and three Neo Boyz NFTs to winning participants. Additionally, Forthewin Network was added to DefiLlama, a TVL aggregator that monitors prominent multi-chain DeFi products.

GhostMarket shared an overview of progress achieved in 2022, which included the GM token initial DEX offering and sell-out of the public token, improved wallet and website designs and features, the release of the GhostMarket SDK, the launch of the GFUND single-sided staking-like feature, multiple GM token giveaways, and much more.

Quirky Soul College distributed rewards to community members that participated in its Twitter rewards campaign. Eight participants were rewarded with Black Stone Shard #3 NFTs, which can be used to increase a Quirky Soul NFT character’s agility.

GrantShares proposal Renewed iOS SDK (Milestone 2 of 3) was put forth for a vote and unanimously approved. Proposals NEO on TikTok and A set of NEO Chinese Development Tutorials (JAVA) are created for Chinese community developers were endorsed and are under vote. The proposal cNEO Part 2: Contract Audit was put on-chain and is awaiting an endorsement. Finally, the proposal DogeRift expansion was put forth for conversation.

Developer Updates

Former members and co-founders of the Neo SPCC development group announced a fork of the NeoFS project. Under the new name TrueCloudLab, led by Anatoly and Stanislav Bogatyrev, the members will continue the project’s development as FrostFS. As with NeoFS, FrostFS will be developed under a GPLv3 open-source license. FrostFS will also remain integrated with the Neo blockchain and the team will continue to submit fixes for outstanding issues with the stable NeoFS release. Though both decentralized storage solutions will remain operational on Neo, it is expected that technical differences between the two will emerge over time.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 25 of the Smart Economy Podcast with Willy Ogorzaly, the head of decentralization at Fox Foundation. Discussion topics include his first startup and how that parlayed into getting acquired by the then-centralized ShapeShift, what it was like working through a bear market while ShapeShift was also facing an existential and philosophical dilemma, how the new ShapeShift DAO operates, and creating a community among decentralized builders.


Jan. 19: Blockchain Cuties joining GhostMarket Twitter Spaces.

Token Listings

FUSD listed on Flamingo Finance.