Neo Soccer has added several new features to its soccer management game. Some of the most recent updates include the introduction of Stonks items, sponsorships, Bits earn, and advancements to the player progression algorithm. The new features expand upon those introduced in the previous update and aim to increase the game’s depth.

Stonks, Dividends, and New Tokens

Stonks are items that can be minted within the game that offer a revenue share among the users who hold them. Each Stonk provides a portion of dividends from Neo Soccer’s 4% fee derived from bNEO spent on players, managers, or stadiums. The Stonk supply is not fixed and increases whenever a new Stonk consumable is minted and redeemed. A user’s revenue from the Stonks pool is proportional to their Stonks holdings, divided by all outstanding Stonks, and is distributed at the end of each season. At the time of press, there is a total supply of 193 Stonks.

Alongside Stonks dividends, users now earn Bits for the bNEO held in their in-game wallet. Users currently earn 1 Bit per season per bNEO, although this amount is adjustable and can be boosted in future campaigns or adjusted as needed.

Neo Soccer also opened up the ability for Neo ecosystem projects to incorporate their currency for users to register for Cups and earn rewards. As of the most recent update, projects can sponsor rewards pools for Cup matches using their NEP-17 tokens. For example, DogeRift’s DOGER token and Neo Candy’s CANDY token can be used to reward the winner of an associated Cup. In addition to NEP-17 tokens, players can also use Bits to pay for Cup entry fees.

Experience Points Changes

The latest update features changes to the player progression model that impacts the ability of characters to gain or lose experience points as they age. Players and managers improve or regress depending on their performance rating after each match. Under the new model, it will be more difficult for characters to increase their attributes as they get older, reflecting a more real-world growth dynamic.

Characters are eligible to play until their retirement age of 35, and managers are eligible for a team up until age 65.

Registration for Neo Soccer can be found at the link below: