General Updates

Neo hosted a Twitter Spaces dedicated to the ecosystem’s presence at Consensus 2023, featuring a panel of guests comprising Neo booth participants who discussed their experience. The guests included AxLabs founder Guil. Sperb Machado, Greenfinch co-founder Robin Green, COZ CEO Tyler Adams, and Flamingo Finance head of video production and motion graphics Sergio Avila. Topics discussed included the OneBand non-fungible item activation, the types of conversations partner pod representatives had with booth attendees, the psyche the event had on ecosystem builders, and more.

Flamingo head of marketing Bordois joined a Web3 Berlin Twitter Spaces to talk about the features of the DeFi platform, the OneBand NFT ring activation at Consensus 2023, the upcoming Web3 Berlin conference, and more. Additionally, Flamingo announced the next Community Lagoon Live AMA, taking place at 1:00 p.m. (UTC) on May 30. Lastly, Flamingo released stats on the top pools by APR on the DeFi platform, noting 82% for the bNEO/DOGEF pool, 76% APR for the bNEO/DOGER pool, and 65% for the FLM/FUSD pool.

Meme2Earn surpassed US $10,000 in rewards from the Meme of the Day contest, a community-oriented campaign launched in Nov. 2022. The funds for Meme of the Day rewards are donated by project sponsors, including (Tuesdays), COZ (Wednesdays), and GhostMarket (Fridays). Additionally, Meme2Earn airdropped 1 trillion TIPS tokens to the platform’s most active users. 

TOTHEMOON released a sneak peek of a 3D rendering of a Cryptonaut character from the upcoming launch of its first arcade game. The team aims to continue releasing sneak peeks of in-game assets in the coming weeks. Additionally, the TTM team noted in Discord that it intends to conduct Comet Drop #2 towards the end of June. 

NNT Catch Up

Greenfinch recently launched the decentralized storage solution that utilizes the Neo blockchain and NeoFS on N3 MainNet. The latest version, v0.5.7, is available for download on the official Greenfinch website and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Currently, any kind of object can be uploaded and stored in a NeoFS container via Greenfinch. The team also teased upcoming functionality for the app. A tab for using containers as a website promises a way to easily deploy decentralized websites on NeoFS, while another placeholder page points to future NFT management functionality.

NNT released episode 37 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Lars Seier Christensen, chairman at Concordium Foundation. Topics of discussion included building an online trading platform in the early days of the internet, new technology and adoption cycles, the importance of digital identification, discovering Bitcoin, and how Concordium seeks to provide certain features that other blockchains don’t natively provide.


May 30: Flamingo Community Lagoon Live AMA.
June 10 – 11: Flamingo to participate in Web3 Berlin.