General Updates

Neo Global Development ecosystem growth manager Denis Suslov joined an Alchemy Pay Twitter Spaces following a recent partnership announcement. Topics of discussion included an overview of the Neo ecosystem, participating in governance, the types of support NGD can offer projects, and much more.

Neo published the General Monthly Report for April 2023, including Neo’s presence at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival and Consensus conferences, the partnership with Alchemy Pay’s fiat ramping service, recent articles that have featured Da Hongfei, ecosystem project updates, and more.

Unlocking the Chain released a video that offered an overview of NEO, bNEO, and cNEO, including each coin’s opportunities and constraints. Unlocking the Chain also did a deep dive into the Neo Compounder website, how the auto-compounding smart contract works, and how to acquire the cNEO token.

Neo Soccer announced that the sports management game will shut its doors indefinitely after season six concludes. The final match of the sixth 38-day season will take place on June 10. Afterward, the platform is expected to be shut down. At the time of press, Neo Soccer has made all funds deposited to the account available for withdrawal. Neo Soccer leadership aims to ensure that all users can leave the platform with their initial deposits. Some players had spent more bNEO than they’d won and the Neo Soccer team decided to reimburse them for lost funds, bringing these users back to the level of their initial deposits.

The GrantShares proposal for Grenademinis seeking funding for sound effects was canceled with intentions to put forth an alternative proposal sometime in the near future. 

Flamingo released FLUND statistics for Week 20 of 2023, noting approximately US $7.9 million in total volume, $2.2 million in minting rewards, and $369,000 in trading fee rewards.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 38 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Aaron Kaplan, founder and co-CEO of Prometheum. Topics of discussion included wanting to build a regulatory-compliant exchange in 2013, how he felt like a crazy person talking about securities laws during the ETH ICO, incubating Prometheum, how Prometheum is posed to be the first regulatory-compliant digital asset custodian in the US, and the path forward for crypto in the US.


May 30: Flamingo Community Lagoon Live AMA.
May 30: Meme2Earn Fireplace Live AMA.
June 10 – 11: Flamingo Finance to participate in Web3 Berlin.