Neo Global Monthly Report - General

April 2023

Neo Global Monthly Report - General


Neo and the community shone in April at large scale blockchain events in Hong Kong and Texas, and in activities across the ecosystem.



Hong Kong Web3 and Consensus 2023

Neo showed up strong in April at in-person events at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival (April 12-15) and Consensus 2023 in Austin, Texas (April 26-28).

Hong Kong Web3 Festival

Neo exhibited as a Platinum sponsor of the inaugural year of the Hong Kong Web3 Festival, co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab and HashKey Group and organized by W3ME. This was one of the largest cryptocurrency events in Hong Kong’s history, drawing nearly 10,000 on-site participants.

hong kong web3 festival image

  • Neo booth visitors enjoyed a hands-on experience with a gachapon machine that allowed them to interact with the Neo blockchain while playing to win prizes. Thanks to AxLabs, Blockchain Cuties, Everstake, COZ, Flamingo Finance, Forthewin Network, GhostMarket, Meme2Earn, NeoLine, Neo News Today, PolyNetwork, and Quirky Soul College for donating prizes.
  • Neo founder Da Hongfei spoke in a mainstage panel, “From Cloud to Chain: The Evolution of Computing Platforms.” As part of a group of industry leaders, he also visited the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong’s Financial Services, and the Treasury Bureau, and Government Department of Foreign Direct Investment blockchain leaders to discuss Web3 topics.
  • Wrapping up the event, Neo co-hosted R3AL WORLD: Infra, an afterparty for guests to mingle with Neo leaders and guest attendees from IoTeX, Conflux, Alchemy Pay, dForce, O3 Swap, Coinhub, BTCex, Particle Network, and more.
  • A recording of Neo’s post-festival Twitter Spaces session featuring event highlights is available here.

Consensus 2023 – Austin, Texas

Soon after the Web3 Festival, Neo made a splash as a 3-Block Sponsor at Consensus 2023, known as the world’s largest and most influential annual gathering for the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 communities. More than 15,000 attendees converged on site in Austin, Texas at this year’s conference.

neo at consensus 2023 image

  • Throughout the three-day event, attendees lined up at the Neo exhibit to explore Neo ecosystem projects spanning gaming, DeFi, NFTs, decentralized file storage and more; connect with Neo blockchain experts to learn about the latest advances on Neo N3; and dive into the popular OneBand activation.
  • Leaders from ecosystem projects Greenfinch, Forthewin Network, Flamingo Finance, Meme2Earn, GhostMarket, Perlin Finance, and Digi; development communities COZ, AxLabs, Neo Research, and R3E Network; and Neo news community Neo News Today came together with the Neo team to showcase projects on the Neo N3 platform and deliver an unforgettable phygital experience. Nearly 800 attendees joined the Neo ecosystem as they received and activated their own OneBand, a Non Fungible Item (NFI) that bridged the digital and physical worlds.
  • After the event, OneBand owners were invited to Neo’s happy hour at a local brewery to tap and scan their rings and redeem a pint of beer while they mingled with other Consensus attendees.
  • Neo’s writeup, including a full rollup of event highlights, video clips and more, published in May, is available here.



Neo N3

  • Neo deployed Alchemy Pay’s payment gateway, enabling Neo users from around the globe to buy cryptocurrencies using their preferred local fiat currencies.
  • DogeRift’s DOGER token was listed on Binance Smart Chain’s Pancake Swap non-custodial exchange.
  • NeoLine released version 4.0.0 of the Google Chrome wallet and version 3.0.0 of its mobile wallet, including UI updates and integration of the dAPI standard. Support for TOTHEMOON and Neo Compounder were integrated into the NeoLine wallet before month’s end, with more integrations in progress.




Neo was present in various online events and media pieces this month.

Online events

Alongside Neo’s in-person presence at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival and Consensus 2023, Neo hosted online community events including:

John Wang, Head of Neo EcoGrowth, joined Alchemy Pay and Core DAO at a Twitter Spaces event, hosted by Huobi HK to discuss the future of Web3.

Neo in the news




Alongside the extensive presence of numerous projects through sponsorships and/or attendance with Neo at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival and Consensus 2023, Neo ecosystem projects conducted giveaways, established new cross-project collaborations, released product updates, promoted the ecosystem, and more. Selected highlights of activities this month follow.

EcoBoost partnerships

  • Neo announced that DogeRift has joined the EcoBoost program.

Ecosystem project news


Blockchain Cuties

  • Was presented in a video at the Neo booth at the Hong Kong Web Festival.


  • Joined Neo at Consensus 2023.


  • Announced a partnership with PolyNetwork, enabling listing of the DOGER token on Binance Smart Chain’s Pancake Swap non-custodial exchange, as noted above.
  • Was listed on, an aggregator for plan-to-earn games.
  • Had its new EcoBoost program membership featured in detail by NGD, as noted above.
  • Released update v1.14, including new features and bug fixes.

Flamingo Finance

  • Was presented in a video at the Neo booth at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival.
  • Joined Neo at Consensus 2023.
  • Held a community giveaway to distribute tickets for the upcoming Web3 Berlin Conference upcoming in June, where Flamingo Finance will exhibit as a sponsor.
  • Announced its availability through the NeoLine wallet mobile app for iOS and Android.

Forthewin Network

  • Announced the launch of a new user interface with multi-chain support.
  • Joined Neo at Consensus 2023.


  • Hosted a Twitter Spaces event featuring Africa N3, as noted above.
  • Announced its participation with Neo at Consensus 2023 and joined Neo at the event.


  • Joined Neo at Consensus 2023.


  • Joined Neo at Consensus 2023.
  • Existing proposals moved through the GrantShares process, and new proposals continue to flow through the GrantShares grant request process and appear in the proposal portal.

Mega Oasis

  • Introduced the Solitude collection by Andhika Ramadhian on the Mega Oasis platform and held an associated airdrop


  • Was presented in a video at the Neo booth at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival.
  • Joined Neo at Consensus 2023.
  • Announced its upcoming participation as a sponsor at the Web3 Berlin Conference and held a community giveaway of tickets to the event.

Neo Compounder

  • As noted above, support for Neo Compounder was integrated into the NeoLine wallet.

Neo News Today

  • Joined Neo at Consensus 2023 and shared numerous videos from Neo’s exhibit floor at Consensus 2023, ranging from interviews to booth and OneBand activation walkthroughs.

Perlin Finance

  • Joined Neo at Consensus 2023.

Pink Paper

  • Held a writing contest focused on Neo and related ecosystem topics.

Quirky Soul College

  • Rolled out a new skin vending machine with Neo Candy.


  • Released a teaser image and lore copy in anticipation of the project’s first arcade game in early April, followed by a second teaser later in the month.
  • As noted above, support for TOTHEMOON was integrated into the NeoLine wallet.




NGD now publishes regular community developer updates in video format. You can find the latest community developer updates on Neo’s Youtube channel. Some selected highlights from April are included below.

  • AxLabs announced its participation in Consensus 2023 with Neo.
  • COZ announced that it would unveil OneBand, a new Non Fungible Item (NFI) built in collaboration with AxLabs, at Consensus 2023.