The OneBand non-fungible items were unveiled at Consensus 2023, which took place in Austin, Texas, in April 2023. Over 750 OneBand NFT rings and LIZARD NFTs were distributed to Neo booth visitors that onboarded into the ecosystem through the event activation. Alongside Neo Global Development, other communities building on Neo were on hand to discuss their work.

Throughout Consensus, NNT interviewed members from within the Neo community to talk about their booth experience, project updates, and general insights into the ecosystem. Additionally, NNT recorded a video demonstration of the OneBand NFI onboarding process.

Alongside the video interviews and demo, NNT also released a special Smart Economy Podcast episode featuring eight builders from within the Neo ecosystem. The following guests were featured on episode 36 of the Smart Economy Podcast in order of appearance:

  • Robin Green, Greenfinch co-founder
  • John Kim, Perlin Finance co-founder
  • Gil Lopes Bueno, COZ lead developer
  • Sergio Avila, Flamingo Finance marketing
  • Guil. Sperb Machado, AxLabs founder
  • Tyler Adams, COZ CEO
  • Vincent Geneste, GhostMarket founder and CEO
  • John deVadoss, NGD Enterprise lead

The video interviews, onboarding demo, and Smart Economy Podcast episode can be found below:

Vitor Coelho, NeoResearch co-founder

Danny Heaven, COZ head of marketing

Ed, Forthewin Network founder

Alex Walker, Greenfinch co-founder

Claude Müller, AxLabs senior software engineer

Bordois, Flamingo head of marketing

Harry Pierson, NGD Enterprise chief architect

Vincent Geneste, GhostMarket CEO

OneBand demo: Tyler Adams, COZ CEO

Smart Economy Podcast – Neo at Consensus 2023: The Premiere of the Non-Fungible Item