General Updates

Neo Global Development released its global monthly report for February and March 2023. The report shares updates on new releases and partnerships, giveaways and cross-project collaborations, community engagement, event plans, and more.

NGD shared a development update video featuring AxLabs, NNT, NEXT, NeoResearch, NeoSPCC, NGD Digital Labs, NGD Enterprise, and Red4Sec. Updates covered technical progress throughout Feb. and Mar. 2023.

NGD published a recap of its experience at Consensus 2023. The retrospective outlined the OneBand non-fungible item activation, ecosystem teams that participated through the project pods, developer communities in attendance, and Da Hongfei’s presence at the booth.

Neo joined the KaratDAO ecosystem by becoming a data validator. KaratDAO is a decentralized identity and data network that aims to bridge Web2 and Web3 by leveraging multi-party computation and zero-knowledge proof technology. Neo will join the Karat ecosystem as a Space Odyssey Genesis validator. Space Odyssey is an activation campaign for the new Karat Network launch designed to onboard new users. Users that register with Karat Network and select a validator node will begin to earn rewards and become eligible for future airdrops.

GhostMarket released an overview of its experience at the Neo booth during Consensus 2023. The article noted activation participation, the types of conversations related to GhostMarket, and an NNT interview with CEO Vincent Geneste.

Flamingo Finance released stats on the FLUND DEX-like fund for week 18 of 2023, which noted a total volume of approximately US $8.3m, total minting rewards of $2.3 million, and total trading fee rewards of $374,000.

DogeRift was listed on the GeckoTerminal built by Coin Gecko, which allows users to follow the market movements of the DOGER/wBNB liquidity pool on the Binance Smart Chain network. Additionally, the LP was added to the DEX Screener token price tracking platform.

Developer Updates

COZ is partnering with DegenzNFT and teased plans for an upcoming project with details to follow. COZ also released Neo3-boa v0.13.0, which made a new interface to Neo Test Runner executable.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 36 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring ecosystem representatives present at the Neo booth during Consensus 2023. The projects in this episode included GhostMarket, NGD Enterprise, Perlin Finance, AxLabs, COZ, Flamingo Finance, and Greenfinch. Topics discussed included current projects, the success of the OneBand ring, how the event onboarded new Neo community members, thoughts after meeting the community at the event, and aspirations for Consensus 2024.

NNT posted an article with all of the video and audio content created as a result of Consensus 2023. The content includes interviews, project updates, and general insights into the ecosystem. Included is a video demonstration of the OneBand NFI onboarding process.


June 10 – 11: Flamingo Finance to participate in Web3 Berlin.