General Updates

Neo Global Development has released a multi-signature utility for Neo N3 named NEXO, which was built in-house. Multi-signature, commonly referred to as multi-sig, is a digital signature scheme that allows a group of users to manage an account jointly, requiring multiple parties to sign off on transactions before they can be executed.

Neo integrated the learn-to-earn MelkBot into the official Neo Discord server. The tool offers a hands-on approach to understanding blockchain and rewards users with MELK tokens for completing tasks, introducing them to digital assets without monetary investment.

Neobox released the token economic model for the NEOBOX NEP-17 token, which is currently in the community sale (aka pre-sale) phase. The NEP-17 NEOBOX token is planned to be used to pay for services, reward content creators and collaborators, offer access to exclusive features, and crowdfund game development. Additionally, Neobox released a pinball game on its apps repository page.

Battle Hard announced its Hardened smart contracts had been audited. Two critical vulnerabilities were found, and that the fixes will be implemented into the contracts when the website goes live.

Quirky Soul College locked 90% of the FDE NEP-17 token into the Infinite Void Chamber contract, which will permanently lock any tokens in the contract. The contract has no update or withdraw functionality.

ITEM Systems co-founder Tyler Adams was featured on Tech Radio Ireland to talk about the rise and fall of NFT prominence, the concept of non-fungible items, and their impact on society and businesses.

Flamingo shared a recording of the April Community Lagoon, which noted current progress on OrderBook v2 optimizations to lower fees when using the contract, the challenges of building an on-chain order book, future impacts on FLM NEP-17 token with the launch of FLOCKS and OrderBook v2, plans for Neo X expansions, and more. Additionally, Flamingo shared statistics on the FLUND single-sided staking token for week 18 of 2024, which noted approximately US $10.23 million in total value, $4.82 million in total minting rewards, and $898,000 in total trading fee rewards.

Meme2Earn shared a recording of the April Community Fireplace, which noted positive SEO results for the term “meme,” increased numbers in users joining competitions, and more.

RESPECT announced the team will not continue building upon its Telegram-based customized-strategy trading bot. Leadership noted a lack of a structural go-to-market strategy and insufficient funds to hire a developer. RESPECT won the grand prize in the General category of the recent Neo APAC Hackathon, taking home a $10,000 award.

Developer Updates

COZ released neo-boa v1.2.0, which included a new boa-test-constructor for unit testing, updated type annotation, and minor bug fixes.

NNT Catch Up

NNT aired Episode 63 of The Smart Economy Podcast featuring Caspar Sauter, co-founder of D8X Exchange, perpetual futures non-custodial exchange. Topics of discussion included D8X’s mission and the importance of building decentralized financial machines, why D8X chose to focus on perpetual futures, white-label solutions for banks and financial institutions, the importance of cross-chain liquidity, lessons learned from being live on two chains, and more.

NNT editors hosted Crypto Coffee and Blockchain Beer Spaces #18 on the Smart Economy Podcast X. Topics of discussion included L2 sequencers and decentralization, Bitcoin’s one billionth transaction, Ethereum multidimensional gas pricing, crypto becoming a US presidential candidate stance and talking point, and Stand With Crypto’s positive efforts on recent engagements with US congressional members.

Neobox soft-launched its Dropbox-like app and has slowly been drip-feeding mini-games and other dApps to the platform. Neobox is a user interface that lets users upload and access files stored on NeoFS, Neo’s distributed storage network. It was founded and built by the team behind Pixudi, the cross-chain NFT board racing game.

ITEM Systems shared a brief video clip of a booth attendee from Paris Blockchain Week 2024 sharing her experience coloring the non-fungible item shirt, and how well the team utilized the underlying blockchain and NFI technology.