Neo has recently enhanced its Discord server by integrating MelkBot, a learn-to-earn service designed to help new users navigate the complexities of Web3. MelkBot, which stands for “Meaningful Experiences for Learning and Knowledge,” offers educational trails that facilitate a step-by-step learning process about blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Originating from Brazil, the MelkBot team has previously developed similar educational programs for other blockchain platforms like Polygon and Solana.

The integration of MelkBot into Neo’s ecosystem was made possible through a grant of 6,670 GAS awarded by GrantShares in June 2023, specifically to enable Neo support. The first educational trail introduced for Neo by MelkBot guides users through the basics of using wallets and engaging with Web3 applications, with participants earning rewards in TestNet tokens.

To celebrate the launch of MelkBot on its platform, Neo is conducting a special promotion where participants can win a share of 50 GAS tokens. Users who complete all five missions of the educational trail before the closure of the event are eligible to enter a raffle. From this, 50 winners will be randomly selected, each receiving 1 GAS as a prize.

The campaign is set to conclude at 6 PM (UTC+8) on May 16. Those interested in joining can do so by visiting the Neo Discord server.

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