General Updates

Neo released v3.6.2, an update introducing several new features and implementing critical fixes to enhance platform stability. The new version was deployed to TestNet on Nov. 21, with MainNet scheduled for release on Dec. 4. In the update, the recently added conflict transaction attribute received several optimizations and bug fixes. Addressing stability concerns, several issues affecting both the core and various modules were resolved. For node operators, the update necessitates a complete resynchronization of data due to changes in native contracts. announced it will pause deposits and withdrawals of N3 NEO assets while its development team upgrades its infrastructure to be compatible with Neo v3.6.2.

Neo co-founder Da Hongfei participated in an interview with Cointime China to talk about the winners of the recently concluded APAC Hackathon, Hong Kong’s vision and strategy for Web3, and Neo’s forthcoming EVM sidechain.

Neo Foundation hosted an X Spaces to share insights gleaned from the Neo Community Assembly that took place at the end of October in Hong Kong. The Spaces was moderated by Neo Foundation senior associate Adela Zhang and featured Flamingo Finance lead maintainer Odd Røland, NNT editor Brett Rhodes, NeoSPCC software engineer Anna Shaleva, AxLabs senior engineer Claude Muller, and R3E Networks founder Jinghui Liao. Topics of discussion included each team’s presentation at the event, benefits of the global developer community meeting in a single location, highlights from the event, the formation of a technical committee to guide Neo’s core developers, and more.

Poly Network released an analysis of the security breach that occurred on July 2, 2023, affecting 58 assets across 11 blockchains. The report reveals the approach used by the attacker to gain control of the Relay Chain and forge asset withdrawals on targeted networks. The team provided spreadsheets containing the 137 exploit transactions and the full list of assets affected by the attack. The Neo blockchain was not compromised in the event.

ITEM Systems collaborated with the Hobby Hangout trading card show, bringing an interactive experience to attendees in Melbourne, Australia, through its non-fungible item technology. The event was held at the Melbourne Pavilion on Nov. 19 and attracted over 1,000 attendees. In a move to enhance the Hobby Hangout attendee experience, ITEM Systems introduced an event-level app featuring a unique scavenger hunt. Participation required users to locate and scan NFI waypoint plaques distributed across vendor tables within the venue. Beyond the scavenger hunt, the event app served as a comprehensive guide, featuring a detailed map and information about the vendors. ITEM System also conducted a giveaway campaign for one user to receive an NFI sports card crafted by Kevs Kards, a popular card artist from San Diego, California.

Meme2Earn airdropped 1 trillion TIPS tokens equally between 490 active users on the meme-oriented platform.

Flamingo released statistics on the FLUND single-sided staking pool for Week 46 of 2023, noting a total value of approximately US $6.9 million, total minting rewards of $3.2 million, and total trading fee rewards of $620,000.

The latest Neo Trivia Gleam competition is open and will run until Nov. 30. Participants have the chance to win one of five NeoVerse blind boxes by answering 10/10 multiple-choice questions correctly. If the competition has over 100 unique entrants, GAS will be added to the following week’s prize pool.

Developer Updates

COZ CEO Tyler Adams was featured in a Techopedia article about the forthcoming role NFTs will play in the music industry.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 51 of the Smart Economy Podcast featuring Austin Federa, Head of Strategy at Solana Foundation, an organization dedicated to the decentralization, growth, and security of the Solana network. Topics of discussion include Solana’s resilience in the face of adversity, the unique features of the Solana ecosystem, the recent Validator Health Report, Solana’s growing network performance, recent partnerships with Visa and Shopify, the importance of social consensus and governance, and more.


Nov. 28: Meme2Earn Community Fireplace on the official Discord server.
Nov. 28: Flamingo Finance Community Lagoon on the official Discord server.