General Updates

Neo Global Development announced the winning submission of the NeoEVM sidechain naming competition, Neo X. The community voted to narrow a list of 20 suggestions down to five, with a panel of judges selecting the best name from the remaining options. The final five names included: Bane Network, Neo Paradox, NEO X, NeoForge, and TRINITY. Additionally, NGD released the list of 100 randomly selected advocates who participated in the Neo Galxe Campaign and won a US $10 equivalent in tokens.

WalletConnect support was added to the Neo Governance portal, allowing users to vote for Neo Council members from Neon Wallet and any other Neo wallet that supports the WalletConnect protocol.

Forthewin Network launched the ftwNEO bridge, which allows users to migrate NEO to Polygon or Ethereum and earn NEP rewards for yield.

Flamingo launched a new monthly Zealy competition offering $1,000 in prizes. Participants are required to complete missions to climb the leaderboard and earn XP. At the end of the event, the top 100 participants will receive distributions of GAS and FLM tokens based on rank. Flamingo also released statistics on the FLUND single-sided staking pool for Week 47 of 2023, noting a total value of approximately $7.3 million, total minting rewards of $3.35 million, and total trading fee rewards of $646,000. Further, it hosted a Community Lagoon AMA on Discord.

Meme2Earn held a fireplace discussion on its Discord to chat with its community and burn TIPS tokens. It also concluded its Neo Sidechain Naming Campaign Meme Content, sharing a total of over $1,000 in prizes.

GhostMarket redeployed all EVM contracts for its GM token. GM token holders can now resume activities across Avalanche, BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon after they were paused in July due to the Poly Network incident. The Neo GM contract was not affected during this period.

A new proposal was opened on GrantShares to add the multi-sig address made up of all GrantShares voting members as a treasury funder address so that it can send funds to the treasury contract. One motivating factor behind the proposal is to establish an address that can receive tokens as a reimbursement from grantees.

Developer Updates

Neo SPCC released NeoGo v0.104.0, which included numerous updates and protocol extensions, and brought compatibility with v3.6.2 of the Neo C# node.

COZ released Mamba v2.3.0, which included updates to the System.Runtime.CurrentSigners sys call, and aarch64 support.

AxLabs published a new website featuring information on services and case studies.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today published an overview of Prophet, the winner of the DeFi and Payment category of the Neo APAC Hackathon. The dApp allows users to place wagers based on their beliefs about how an event will unfold.