In a move to further engage and reward its community, Flamingo Finance has launched its Monthly Community Zealy Campaigns, with total monthly prize pools of US $1,000 in FLM and GAS up for grabs. This initiative follows the success of the Flamingo Finance Turns 3: $3,333 Birthday Giveaway event on Zealy, which concluded in late October.

Each month, participants in these campaigns will complete tasks on the Zealy platform to earn points, known on the platform as XP. Tasks range in frequency and complexity, such as one-time events like following Flamingo Finance on Medium and daily to-do’s like visiting the Flamingo Finance website. Leaderboards will keep track of participant rankings, which will determine the reward breakdown at the end of each contest.

Additionally, the top two performers on the monthly Leaderboard will be granted the Flamingo Ambassador Discord role and badge. This recognition not only adds prestige to their Discord profile but also grants access to the exclusive ambassador channel. Should the top winners already hold the Flamingo Ambassador status, the honor will be passed to the next eligible participants on the Leaderboard.

The campaigns are designed to be engaging and accessible, encouraging widespread participation. Zealy, the platform hosting these events, is known for empowering Web3 communities and converting members into active contributors. It facilitates a competitive environment where participants can earn rewards based on their leaderboard standings.

At the end of each campaign, the Flamingo team will review tasks and reward the top 100 performers.

The campaigns will commence on the first day of each month and conclude on the 26th, starting December 1, 2023. Rewards are allocated as follows:

  • 1st-10th place: $25 ($12.50 in FLM and $12.50 in GAS)
  • 11th–30th Place: $15 ($7.50 in FLM and $7.50 in GAS)
  • 31st–50th Place: $10 ($5 in FLM and $5 in GAS)
  • 51st–100th Place: $5 ($2.50 in FLM and $2.50 in GAS)

In case of ties, the Flamingo team will determine the winners based on various criteria.

Additional details can be found on Flamingo Finance’s announcement below: