General Updates

COZ and AxLabs unveiled their newest joint venture, ITEM Systems. The new organization is dedicated to advancing non-fungible item technology, bridging the digital and physical worlds. An NFI is a physical asset cryptographically bound to a digital twin. This technology allows individuals to validate the ownership of tangible items and execute specific on-chain or off-chain actions through NFC. Previously, COZ and AxLabs combined their NFI technology expertise in creating the OneBand ring, displayed at Consensus 2023, the Tribeca Film Festival, and Token2049 2023.

Flamingo released FLUND statistics for Week 39 of 2023, noting approximately US $6.4 million in total value, $3.1 million in total minting rewards, and $578,000 in trading fee rewards. Flamingo also added six new ambassadors for Sep. 2023.

Meme2Earn released a Sep. 2023 Community Fireplace recording, where project leadership discussed the meme-oriented platform, recent contests, future plans, the TIPS token, and more. Additionally, Meme2Earn announced two new ambassadors for Sep. 2023.

Developer Updates

Neo SPCC released an article offering an overview of how the Neo 3.6 C# nodes now have interoperability for arithmetic operations with BLS12–381 elliptic curve points. Now, all Neo dApp developers can natively use the BLS12–381 compatible zero-knowledge proof systems on the Neo blockchain. The article outlined building an end-to-end dApp that generates and verifies Groth16 proofs.

NNT Catch Up

COZ brought NFI technology to the DENVER WALLS festival, which ran from Sep. 22 through Oct. 3. DENVER WALLS comprises 17 murals scattered throughout the River North neighborhood of Denver, CO, each with an accompanying bronze plaque embedded with NFI technology. There are two ways to use mobile devices to interact with the plaques. The first is to scan the QR code, which then takes the user to a website where they can learn more about the artist, connect with them on social media, and view a map showing the locations of all DENVER WALLS murals. The second is “tapping” into the NFI transmitter embedded in the plaque, where users can access the same information provided by QR scanning, with the additional benefit of “proving” they visited the mural they’ve tapped.

NNT released an article about the winning projects from the APAC Hackathon GAS Station in Bangalore, India, where four teams emerged victorious from the two-day hackathon. The Excellence Prize winners were NeoCast and NeoPay, who earned $5,000 in GAS and $1,000 travel grants for the Hong Kong finale. Two projects also won sponsored awards – Kooka won an AWS Choice award, taking home $5,000 in prizes; Omniport won $2,500 from QuillAudits.

NNT also published an article on the winning projects from the Singapore GAS Station where five teams received awards. Acel and Card Brawl were awarded US $5,000 each as the Neo Excellence Award winners and will receive additional $1,000 travel grants. NeoWizard and ChatyN were recipients of AWS Awards and were rewarded $5,000. Finally, Insightic received a Securr Choice Award, which came with a $2,500 prize.

DogeRift announced the team is deprecating the DOGEF token with the most recent release of patch v1.3. The update includes content changes, UI fixes, and character and game mode adjustments. The DogeRift team has updated its servers, so all users must reinstall the game on their devices.


Oct. 27 – 28: Neo APAC Hackathon finale in Hong Kong.