General Updates

Neo Global Development announced the team is embarking on a tour of more than a dozen universities across the US to discuss Web3 opportunities and the Neo blockchain with college students. The cross-campus journey launches in October, with the mission to build, bridge, and broaden relationships with the next generation of change-makers across the country. NGD also seeks to raise awareness of Neo through access to incentive programs like EcoBoost, GrantShares, and more.

Blockchain Cuties Universe enabled the migration of NFT characters from Neo Legacy to Neo N3. To celebrate the integration of N3, the team launched a pre-sale of three brand new Cutie NFTs exclusively available for purchase with GAS on the BCU marketplace. BCU players are responsible for transferring NFTs from their Legacy to their N3 wallets and paying the migration fee. The team has allocated a portion of GAS to reimburse user migration fees, but the supply is limited. Additionally, BCU conducted a Twitter giveaway where 30 participants were rewarded with a Cutie NFT on the Neo N3 network.

NeoCandy launched the Candefi NFT dApp on Neo N3 TestNet. Candefi NFTs allow users to stake CANDY tokens into an NFT that changes in value according to the value of the underlying assets. Additionally, the NFT can be leased or rented via the Rentfuse protocol.

GrantShares proposal tProof was put onchain and is awaiting an endorsement from a voting member. The Updated Renewed iOS SDK (Milestone 1 of 3) and Probos Wallet – Non-Custodial Crypto & NFT Wallet proposals were put forth for discussion.

NudesToken announced the third fireplace burn event, where the team intends to burn more than 10 trillion NEP-17 NUDES tokens. There will be a live community call on Discord at 12:00 p.m. (UTC) on Sep. 27. NudesToken also released metrics of the meme-to-earn platform’s activity, which noted increases in memes created and total users. Lastly, the Ethereum Merge meme contest concluded on Monday, Sep. 19 and the winners were announced in the official Discord server.

NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss joined the Web3 Innovators podcast to discuss the case for governance and sovereignty in distributed networks. Discussion topics included decentralization enabling self-governance and self-sovereignty, blockchains as economic platforms, and more. Additionally, deVadoss also joined the CryptoNews podcast to discuss onboarding the first billion Web3 users, the evolution of blockchain networks, and other topics.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 14 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Nicolas Choukroun, CEO of Metaisland. Topics include the various ways blockchain will be implemented in the game, his extensive background in the gaming space, what it was like to stumble upon cryptocurrency in the early days of the internet, and more.

Token Listings

Flamingo Finance was added to the DeFi Llama TVL aggregator for DeFi protocols.

NudesToken was added to the DeFi Llama TVL aggregator for DeFi protocols.