Users can now migrate Blockchain Cuties Universe NFT characters from Neo Legacy to Neo N3. To celebrate the integration of N3, the team is launching a pre-sale of three brand new Cutie NFTs exclusively available for purchase with GAS on the BCU marketplace. The N3-inspired Cutie NFTs will carry genes that allow players to unlock and breed two never before seen Tribute Cuties. 160 exclusive BCU NFTs will be available and priced accordingly:

  • The Drunken Master: 10 NFTs at 69.69 GAS each
  • The Web3 Developer: 50 NFTs at 20.91 GAS each
  • The Beauty Blogger: 100 NFTs at 12.20 GAS each

Source: Blockchain Cuties Universe

BCU integrated Neo support in 2019 with the release of the first Neo-based Cuties NFTs designed after four members of the Neo ecosystem. In the years since, 21,578 Cuties NFTs have been held across 1,375 Neo Legacy wallets. In a conversation with Neo News Today, BCU CEO Vladimir Tomko said:

The N3 update has been sought after by the players who enjoyed Neo from the start, and for a while. Now we are finally at a place where the Neo enthusiasts can enjoy the full feature set Blockchain Cuties Universe has to offer!

BCU players are responsible for transferring NFTs from their Legacy to their N3 wallet and paying for the migration fee. The team has allocated a portion of GAS to reimburse user migration fees, but the supply is limited. Ultimately, BCU developers intend to develop a script allowing mass transfer of NFTs, but there is no estimated release date at the time of press.

About Blockchain Cuties Universe

BCU is a blockchain collectible adventure game launched in Dec. 2017. Players can collect, breed, and take pets on adventures where characters accumulate in-game items. In-game play allows users to level up characters by testing their skills in battle and gaining experience points.

The BCU team participated in the recent five-week Draper University course, designed for Neo ecosystem projects, which included a pre-accelerator and incubator program. In a conversation with NNT, Tomko said, “I really liked that the knowledge was shared by the professionals, not classical educators. A lot of the new information can be used in business right away. And the ability to provide and receive feedback was top notch.”

The full announcement can be found at the link below: