Quirky Soul College is launching the third and final mint wave for QSC character NFTs beginning April 20. Alongside the mint, the total supply of the QSC NFTs will be reduced from 10,000 to 2,500.

Mint waves are open for a limited time, allowing game players to create new Quirky Soul characters. A total of 820 QSC NFTs were minted during the first two waves. The final mint wave will remain open until all 2,500 characters have been minted.

Source: Quirky Soul College

In a conversation with NNT, QSC founder Michael Fabozzi noted that the final mint wave will not be denominated in GAS, but rather each NFT will cost 50,000 FDE to mint. The mint contract will hold all the FDE used to acquire the QSC NFTs, all of which will be burnt by the team once the entire series has been minted.

About Quirky Soul College Character NFTs

Quirky Soul College is the first dynamic NFT-based game on the Neo N3 blockchain. The objective is to acquire QSC NFT characters and level them up to win missions more efficiently and earn rewards in the form of the FDE NEP-17 token.

In Sep. 2023, QSC launched Hollow World Story, an interactive storytelling experience that lets NFT holders co-author the narrative’s path. Leveraging a DAO-like model, each NFT grants the user a vote to determine a proposed storyline to become part of the canon. Each chapter sets the stage for subsequent episodes and voting rounds. Storyline Choice #0 was the community favorite, receiving 34 votes.

Source: Quirky Soul College

Throughout each segment of 2024, QSC intends to periodically release more interactive storytelling experiences that let NFT holders co-author the narrative’s path, dictating the story’s trajectory. QSC developers also plan to launch team missions during the first third of 2024.

To mint the QSC NFTs beginning April 20, visit the link below: