TOTHEMOON has released an overview of the updates and improvements that will be made in Fusion Arena v2. The primary change to the NFT-enabled game is a migration from smart contract-based battle logic to a more flexible, off-chain simulation that reduces on-chain transaction costs.

The improvement to Fusion Arena v2 will introduce a new level of dynamism, particularly as Arena battle outcomes will be determined by a character’s real-time decisions rather than a predefined dice roll.

Combat mechanics will be more dynamic through item attachments, expanding the fighter attributes where each piece of equipment has its own element, allowing the characters to utilize items to turn the tide of combat. According to the team:

The new system is built to ensure that every fight is a true test of skill and strategy. With Version 2, we’ve created a world where every decision counts, every strategy can lead to victory, and every fighter has the chance to become a legend.

Fixed Features

The core components of the in-game battle mechanism will be the character elements, fixed character traits, and stances, fixed features that impact a character’s battle strategy.

Each character’s elements will continue to play a role in the battle logic, as they did in Fusion Arena v1, and FTW Rune Arena prior. Each element – metal, dark, wood, earth, water, light, and fire – will offer a unique advantage in battle.

The character’s stance will be fixed when the Fused Cryptonaut is created, with stances offering particular combat advantages. The four stances are agility (makes characters harder to hit), defense (reduces incoming damage), attack (increases the likelihood of direct hits), and endurance (improves stamina recovery).

Items and Stamina

Alongside the elements and stances, stamina and the strategic deployment of items will also impact battle outcomes.

Stamina is a new feature for the Fusion Arenas that will play a critical role in a character’s ability to execute or withstand attacks. This difference between the stamina points of the attacker and their opponent will impact the ability to attack, evade, or recover in a battle. Actions will reduce the amount of stamina a character has per battle. However, stamina points will reset when engaging in a battle with a new character.

Users will be able to equip their characters with items that boost mechanics and increase their ability. Items will carry elemental traits that can improve or weaken a character based on their elements (i.e., a player can equip fire elemental items and specialize against wood-based fighters). Items will be able to be added or removed from the character’s arsenal before entering an arena, allowing players to adapt and optimize their strategy to specialize or generalize their attack.

The battle algorithm will determine whether the character hits, blocks, or dodges an attack through these variables and fixed features. On the new battle logic, according to the TTM team:

Success hinges on a delicate balance of offensive and defensive maneuvers, informed by real-time assessments of stamina levels, the strategic deployment of elemental powers and stances, and the judicious use of items to gain a competitive edge. In this ever-changing battlefield, only those who can skillfully navigate these complex variables will emerge victorious.

Elimination Format

In the previous iterations of the Arenas, players were required to enter games denoted by their capacity. The capacities for the previous arenas were established by five orders of the “power of two.” The arena capacities included Arena 8, Arena 16, Arena 32, Arena 64, and Arena 128.

The new elimination format accommodates an arena composed of any number of characters, and is no longer tied to the power of two. For example, there can be 16 players in an arena or 50.

Once in an arena, the character will perform two battles, each against another character that has joined the arena, scoring points based on damage they inflict. After each match, the calculation will determine which players will be eliminated, and which will move forward to battle again in the arena, until the final two remain to battle for the title.

The combat cycle simulation will occur in real-time, with the intention of making each round dynamic and engaging.

The TTM team has not announced an official launch date for Fusion Arenas v2, but is aiming for an early Q2 2024 release.

More information about Fusion Arena v2 can be found at the link below: