Two longstanding community members have graduated into the Neo core developer team: Anna Shaleva, Neo SPCC software engineer, and vang1ong7ang, Lazynode researcher. Tasked with deep involvement in technical and engineering decisions, the core developer role requires members to participate actively and regularly in protocol development.

Much of Shaleva’s contributions to the Neo ecosystem have pertained to software written in the C# and Go languages and have impacted various parts of the ecosystem. She maintains and improves Neo’s Go client node implementation, reviews and tests PRs submitted to Neo project repositories, and was instrumental in implementing Neo N3’s consensus mechanism into the Neo X EVM sidechain.

Vang1ong7ang was an early contributor and developer of NeoBurger, an automated voting dApp, and NEO token wrapper that makes the new bNEO asset divisible to 8 decimal places. Other contributions to the Neo ecosystem have included fixing critical vulnerabilities, deploying governance solutions, and providing network monitoring.

The new core developers join six other members, including Red4Sec Co-Founder Fernando Díaz Toledano, NeoResearch Co-Founders Igor M. Coelho and Victor Nazario Coelho, Neo SPCC Lead Roman Khimov, R3E Network Founder Jimmy Liao, and Neo Founder Erik Zhang.

About Neo Core Development

Neo is an open-source, community-driven blockchain network maintained by contributors worldwide. Core developers are not employees of the NF or Neo Global Development, but make contributions according to their own preferences.

Neo’s core developers are tasked with managing the codebase and implementing new features as the Web3 industry evolves. While anyone can propose improvements to Neo’s codebase, it is core developers who have permission to review and merge the pull requests.

Examples of contributions Neo core developers make include core code changes, shipping new features, proposing Neo Enhancement Proposals, submitting patches, and improving documentation.

Those interested in becoming a Neo core developer are encouraged to visit Neo’s Core Developer Grants page for more information.

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