General Updates

Neo welcomed two new Neo Core Developers: Anna Shaleva, Neo SPCC software engineer, and Vang1on7ang, LazyNode researcher. The core developer role requires members to participate actively and regularly in protocol development and includes deep involvement in technical and engineering decisions.

Neo finalized the NEP-24 NFT Royalty Standard. NEP-24 is a global standard for retrieving royalty payment information for NFTs, facilitating payments across all NFT marketplaces in the Neo ecosystem.

Quirky Soul College launched the third and final mint wave for QSC character NFTs. The final mint wave is not denominated in GAS; rather, each NFT will cost 50,000 FDE to mint. The mint contract will hold all the FDE used to acquire the QSC NFTs, all of which will be burnt by the team once the entire series has been minted. Alongside the mint, the total supply of the QSC NFTs will be reduced from 10,000 to 2,500. Wave 2 will remain open until the total supply has been minted.

An early access program was launched for NEOBOX, a DropBox-like MVP that’s currently live on NeoFS. The dApp, built by the Pixudi team, is a user interface that lets users upload and access files stored on Neo’s distributed storage network. The early access program offers a pre-sale where users can contribute GAS or NEO to claim a stake in an upcoming NFT series with subscription benefits and NEOBOX NEP-17 tokens. Additionally, the team has released mini-games hosted on NeoFS that are accessible from any web browser, including Pacman, Snake, and Tetris.

Flamingo updated its wallet connection system to allow users to connect multiple wallets to the DeFi platform. Users can now “watch” wallets without reconnecting them to the platform. Flamingo also shared statistics on top tokens traded by volume for week 15 of 2024, noting US $36.02 million in volume for bNEO, $31.38 million for FLM, and $8.34 million for fWBTC.

Battle Hard released a teaser video showcasing the forthcoming platform that aims to revitalize defunct NFT projects. The video demonstrates the log-in process, scrolling through various NFT collections, and editing the user profile. Additionally, the Battle Hard website was updated to include features of the NFT platform.

GrantShares proposal for NDEX, a token generation and distribution platform, was put on-chain and is awaiting an endorsement from a member to kick off the voting period.

Unlocking the Chain hosted a pre-sale for the UTC NEP-17 memecoin, which raised 725.5 GAS. The token founder noted that the UTC memecoin currently has no planned utility. He said, “It is just a representation of the UTC brand, and the community we are building! Just trying to have fun and explore the memecoin market on Neo Blockchain.” The UTC token is listed on the Forthewin Network non-custodial exchange and is paired against GAS.

GhostMarket relaunched its token bridge following the Poly Network exploit that took place in 2023, which required the redeployment of GM contracts on each chain where the token resides. Users can now bridge GM tokens across Neo N3, Avalanche, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

Developer Updates

Neo SPCC released NeoFS Panel v0.5.2, which included an improved user interface and bug fixes. Additionally, Neo SPCC released NeoFS v0.41.0, which brought significant protocol updates to TestNet and will go live on MainNet within the next week.

NNT Catch Up

NNT editors hosted Crypto Coffee and Blockchain Beer Spaces #15 on the Smart Economy Podcast X account. Topics of discussion included the BTC halving, Bitcoin L2s via BitVM, Pixudi’s announcement of the NEOBOX DropBox-like dApp built on NeoFS, the launch of the UTC memecoin, and the adoption of the NEP-24 NFT royalty standard on Neo N3.

TOTHEMOON released an overview of the updates and improvements that will be made in Fusion Arena v2. The primary change to the NFT-enabled game is the migration from smart contract-based battle logic to a more flexible, off-chain simulation that reduces on-chain transaction costs. Combat mechanics will be more dynamic through item attachments, expanding the fighter attributes where each piece of equipment has its own element, allowing the characters to utilize items to turn the tide of combat.


April 26: NNT editors hosting CC & BB #16 on The Smart Economy Podcast official X account.
April 30: Meme2Earn hosting a Community Fireplace on the official Discord server.
April 30: Flamingo hosting a Community Lagoon on the official Discord server.

Token Listings

UTC was listed on Forthewin Network.